Chapter Six

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I woke up this morning with a huge headache and it wouldn't go away for anything. I guess it was because I have been stressing this last week for the upcoming fashion show and today is the day it is supposed to happen. For some reason I was really nervous that everything wasn't right but I mean I did everything I could do at this point. I decided to work from home so I could put the finishing touches on things without being disturbed.

I went and took a quick shower and threw on some pink yoga pants and black tank top so that I could be comfortable. I put my hair back away from my face with a headband. I decided that I didn't want any breakfast so I just went to my office and began making calls and making sure everything was set. I had to make sure everything was on point or that would be my ass. I just had to make sure I got done so I could ready. I asked Cordell to come with me since we have been dating for almost two weeks now but it still kind of bothers me that we aren't officially together. If we were younger I wouldn't worry about it but since we aren't I really don't have time to be guessing and playing games. For now I would just brush it off but eventually I would have to say something.

I got so caught up in what I was doing I didn't know it was 2 already. When I really get busy doing something everything around me seems to stop and the only thing I worry about is what I'm doing. I had to stop what I was doing since someone knocked on the door. I figured it was probably Grace since she always seems to pop up like she has nothing better to do.

When I opened the door it wasn't Grace at all but Cordell. "Hey."

"Hey beautiful," he said smiling showing all of his whites. "What are you doing here?"

"I stopped by your office to see you and drop off your dress and shoes but you weren't there. I came to make sure you were okay." I just stood there looking at him since not even my ex would've come to see if I was okay. So far Cordell was really showing me that he cared for me but there was still a part of me that made me keep my distance.

"Yea I decided to stay home so that I wouldn't be bothered. Just really been stressed out these last days leading up to the fashion show and since it is today I am really freaking out." I said steeping aside for him to come in and going to sit on the couch with my legs crossed. He sighed and sat beside me, "You need to stop stressing baby girl; you have done everything you can to make tonight special stop stressing."

"I know that but this is my career Cordell and if this doesn't go well then that is the end of my career," I said stressing even more now. He just laughed and pulled me into his lap making me lay my head on his chest. "Baby stop stressing you are too beautiful to be stressing like this. Trust me when I say everything will work out, now have you eaten." I just shook my head no and sighed. "Okay then I will go and make you some lunch while you keep working. I nodded and got off his lap while he went into the kitchen. I don't know what he was cooking but he was making a lot of noise, gosh I hope my kitchen makes it. I never really seen him cook so I didn't know if he could or not. My ex couldn't so I just assumed he couldn't either. I went back up to my office to call Denise to make sure everything was good on her part. I had to admit she was a life saver, at first I didn't know about her but now I am glad I took the chance. She had two kids and was taking care of them by herself since her husband died in the army while deployed. When I got off the phone with her I felt a little better knowing everything was going to plan and the models were all accounted for and waiting for the go.

"Well you look better," Cordell said walking in smiling. Shit that smile could make weak in the knees with one look. "Yea just talked to Denise, she said everything is going good." He nodded and walked over to me until he was standing beside me. "The food is ready."

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