Chapter Forty

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"Well don't you look anxious?"

"Hell yea I'm anxious! You know I don't like hospitals so I'm trying to get out as fast I can."

"Okay slow down, you are not fully healed yet." He was struggling to get out of the bed to finish getting dressed. We had to be here two more weeks so the doctors could make sure Cordell was okay to go home. They really monitored his liver and his head, they wanted to make sure there wasn't any lasting effects from the accident.

"I will heal at home until then I am getting out of here."

"Why are you in such a rush to leave?"

"Hospitals are creepy, okay. I don't like being in here so if you don't mind I would like to get home." He put on his shirt finishing up his outfit. "Looks like you are getting your wish then." I sat on the bed since my feet were killing me. I had been released from bed rest a week ago. I had to admit I was happy to be able to get out of that bed. They said the baby was okay but I had to watch my stress levels and what I eat.

"I know Sapphire will be happy to be going home."

"I bet, she has been begging to go home for days now. I think she is tired of the sleepovers with our parents."

"Never thought I would see the day."

"What about you, are you happy to go home?" I really didn't know how I felt about going home. I had refused to go back since everything had happened. Sometimes I would have nightmares about that night but I would never tell Cordell. I kept seeing Lucas' face and even though I knew he was dead that night still scared me. I knew he could never come and get me but that didn't stop the dreams that would appear.

He walked up to me, "Talk to me." He lifted up my head to make me meet his eyes. "There's nothing to talk about."

"What I told you about lying to me." I looked into his eyes deciding what to do. "I have been having nightmares about that night. Sometimes I see his face as if he is right in front me. I just don't know how I will handle being in that house again."

"We don't have to go back there. I know the other house isn't finished but I will buy us enough things to survive until it is."

"You don't have to do that."

"I could put the house on the market now so you won't have to worry about it."

"I don't want you doing that Cordell. We can't be making big moves like that, we still have to wedding to worry about."

"I can handle two things baby girl. I won't have you staying in that house if you aren't comfortable."

"Just give me a chance to see and if I can't do it then I will tell you."

Once we were all wrapped up we headed home. I was on edge seeing the house again but I knew I would soon or later. "You sure about this?"

"Yea." I got out the car and headed in. Soon as I walked in I could see the house had been changed. The furniture had been moved and the blood had been cleaned up. Even though, everything was fixed I could still see wherever thing was before perfectly. Instantly everything came back to me like it had just happened. I couldn't understand how he was still able to haunt me from the grave. I thought when I killed him I was done with him but he was proving me wrong each day.

"We can still go."

"If I leave it won't solve anything." He wrapped his arms around me waist from behind. "Stop pushing yourself to do this. If you aren't ready, give yourself time."

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