Chapter Fifty-Two

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So today marks my four month mark of being pregnant and I am so happy. I only have five months left until my bundle of joy gets here and I can't wait. I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped me and went to the closet to find something simple to wear. I wasn't planning on doing anything major so I chose a black tank top and grey shorts.

I smelled food being cooked so I followed the scent to the kitchen. I found Cordell over the stove with his shirt off and just basketball shorts. "Do you ever put on a shirt?" he looked at me and smirked. "Question is do you want me to put on a shirt?" I walked further into the kitchen and sat on the counter near him. "Maybe I do."

"Then why you keep staring at me?"

"Because I have eyes and you just so happen to be in my view."

"Yea right lair." He kissed me on the lips and then went back to the stove. "What you cooking and where's my daughter?"

"I am making heart shape pancakes and Sapphire is with my grandparents."

"Why is she with them?"

"I don't know, they just showed up and said they were taking her to some movie. They had Trinity too." He got a plate and filled it with three pancakes and handed it to me. He got the syrup and spread it all over them. "So what we doing today?"

"I am going to meet up with the guys and hang out with them and Grace and your mom are going to stop by to get you ready."

"Ready for what?"

"For our date."

"I didn't know we had a date planned."

"Now you do." He took a pancake off my plate and stuffed it in his mouth. "Okay where are we going and what do I need to wear?"

"They already have their instructions, just do what they say."

"So you are letting Grace be in charge of me?" he smiled. "Yes, just for today."

"What are you going to be doing with these guy friend of yours?"

"We going to the new house to watch the game."

"You could do that here you know."

"True but I installed the home theater room at the new house." I just shook my head. We finished eating and then he got dressed and left to meet the guys. I just sat on the couch and waited for my mom and Grace to get here.

"Why is yo ass still sitting on this damn couch when we got shit to do," Grace said coming in. "And why is yo ass always avoiding the damn doorbell?"

"Don't worry why I do what I do, you need to get up so we can go."

"Where's my mom?"

"In the car fussing because the people at Waffle house forgot to leave off the pickles on her sandwich." I got up shaking my head, "You people crazy I swear." I just threw on black skinny jeans and a black jean jacket on top of my tank. "Okay where are we going," I asked getting in the car. "We are going dress shopping."

"Why I have a ton of dresses in my closet?"

"Didn't Cordell tell you not to question me already?" I sighed and let them take me where they wanted. We shopped for three hours until I found a black one shouldered dress. I knew I already had shoes to match so I refused to do anymore shopping with them.

"Okay you need to take a shower and get ready. You have two hours." I just sighed and went upstairs. I was so tired, I just wanted a nap. When I was done taking a shower, I did my makeup. Then I did my hair and let it hang loose. I slipped on my dress and then my black peep toe shoes that had a strap going around my ankle. "Damn girl even pregnant you still fine."

"I guess it's in my genes."

"Corrections it's in my genes," my mom said coming in to look at me. "You look so pretty my daughter."

"Thanks mom."

"I don't know what I'm going to do when you are getting married," a tear slipped from her eyes. "Well you have two months to figure it out."

"Man two months until you are married and five months until you are a mother." By now she was crying a river. "Mom calm down its okay."

"Speak for yourself." She went and got a tissue to wipe her eyes. "Alright it's getting too emotional in here. Get your purse, it's time for you to go." She pushed me down the stairs and out the door to be met by a man in a black suit and hat. "Mrs. Jackson?"


"Right this way then." He opened the door for me to get in. I got in and he began to drive somewhere. "Can you tell me where we are going?"

"No mam, Mr. Jackson ordered me not to." I nodded and sat back. Whatever it was Cordell had something under his sleeve.

After twenty minutes we came to a stop in front of some restaurant. The driver came around and let me out. When I stepped out I saw Cordell dressed in an all-black suit with his hands in his pockets. "So this is what you had planned?" he took my hand and kissed it then my lips. "I thought before we entered chaos we should spend some time together, just us."

"I think I might like that."

"Good. Now did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?"

"Actually you didn't," I said pouting. He pulled me closer to him, "Baby girl you look gorgeous in that dress. So much so, when we get home I am going to enjoy taking it off of you." He kissed me on my earlobe. I bit my lip. "We could skip all of this and just go home now." He shook his head, "Sorry, but I spent too much time planning this. Besides I want you full when I get my hands on you." He led me into the restaurant and we were seated in a secluded area far away from people.

We ordered our food and enjoyed each other's company. "So been thinking about a name for our little one?"


"Why not?"

"I want to know the sex first."

"I told you we are having a boy."

"And how do you know that?"

"I just know, now start thinking of some names." I didn't say anything and took a bite of my tilapia. We were silent until he asked, "Are you nervous about getting married again?" I looked at him not expecting for him to say that.

"Why would you ask that?"

"I just wanted to know if you had your doubts about getting married again. I don't want you to think I am going to be like your last husband."

I put down my fork and looked at him, "I may not be sure about a lot of things but I have never been so sure about marrying you. I know you are nothing like Lucas and would never do anything to hurt me."

"So you don't have any doubts about marrying me?"

"Nope." I smiled and picked up my fork and continued eating.

When we got home I was beat. I took off my shoes and plopped down on the couch. He plopped down next to me pulling me into his lap. I wrapped my arm around his neck. "I had fun tonight."

"I'm glad."

"You know you are one of kind," I said yawning. "Is that a good thing?"

"Definitely a good thing." I laid my head on his shoulder. "Thank you for tonight?" he wrapped his arms around me. "Anything for my queen and future wife."

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