Chapter Fifty-Four

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I was currently getting dressed to go with Grace since she decided I should go to a Lamaze class. For some reason she got it in her head that I needed to be more prepared for when my babies come. Honestly I haven't thought about what happens after I have the babies just excited that they are almost here. "Everything I have is getting too little!" Cordell looked at me and smirked. "Baby you are four months pregnant you not even that big yet."

"So I'm going to get bigger?!"

"Yes baby." I sighed and tried to find something to wear. "Why you trying to find something to wear anyway? Where you going?"

"I told you Grace wanted to take me to a Lamaze class today." I pulled on dark blue skinny jeans that I bought for my pregnancy. "They still have those?"

"Yes they still have those. Why are you getting dressed?"

"I'm going tux shopping with the groomsmen."

"I told you I wanted to go with you to make sure you got the right tux," I pouted. "And I told you I know how to shop for a tux. Besides Sapphire is coming and you know she is just another you in miniature form."

"No she's not." I found an off white V-neck t-shirt with a beige cardigan. "Yea she is. When you aren't here she turns into you and everything. It's kind of scary how influenced my child."

"First off, I didn't influence her she just saw greatness and decided she wanted to be great too. Second, she is my child too and if these are boys I need someone on my side."

"You act like we gone team up on you or something."

"Boys are weird and I need to know I have a girl I can go to when I can't deal."

"Whatever, you're going to love our kids even if they are boys."

"True but I need to know I can escape when they become too boyish." He pulled on his shirt and walked up to me. "With that being said can you please take it easy today? I know the doctor said you and the baby are okay but I still worry."

"I will but you just make sure to get the right color and style."

"I told you I got this."

"I'm serious."

He soon left and I finished getting dressed before Grace came and distracted me. Anytime she is around we start doing something other than what I was supposed to. "Is anyone home?" I heard someone yell. I didn't bother to answer since I knew it was Grace. "How you gone act like you didn't hear me calling you?"

"How you gonna keep walking in my damn house like you own it?"

"Because we are practically sisters so I can do what I want."

"Well when I move to my new house, I am not giving you a key at all."

"Now you know that's wrong."

"Wrong or not, I'm hungry and ready to go."

Before we went to the Lamaze class we stopped at a local restaurant to get something to eat. I ordered a five pancakes with five pieces of bacon and eggs with apple juice. "Damn that's a lot of food Le."

"Shut up I'm eating for three and I told you I was hungry. And no one told you to order fruit and yogurt, I mean that's not even breakfast."

"It is for me you know I don't really eat breakfast." Sometimes Grace could really be weird. It wasn't like she was trying to stay skinny or something she just didn't like eating breakfast. "So are you happy that you are having twins?"

"I'm happy but nervous at the same time."

"Nervous about what?"

"Grace I don't know how to raise a child. Sapphire is already four, I didn't have to raise her from a baby to now. Not only that how am I going to fit a three kids into my schedule when I go back to work."

"Do what I did, put them in daycare. You don't have to be there twenty for seven Le. It's okay to have a job and be a mother, you just have to figure out the balance. Not to mention you have Cordell."

"He has a busy schedule too."

"But that man will never let a job be put in front of his family. Stop stressing and enjoy the ride because trust me when they start talking you are going to be wishing for these days."

Once we were done eating we went to this Lamaze class Grace had planned out and I really didn't know what to expect. When we got to the place the teacher told us to pick a mat and a spot on the floor. I wasn't really happy about sitting on the floor since it takes forever for me to get back up.

"Okay so this class is supposed to help prepare you to bring your baby in the world and what you need to know when they get here." I looked at Grace like I was going to kill her. I could be at home eating ice cream since Cordell not home and watching a movie. "I want you to first view giving birth as welcoming your new baby into the world because I know the process can be nerve wrecking for some." Now that she says that I haven't thought about giving birth. Two babies were going to come out of me!

The rest of the class we went through exercises that took us through the stages of labor and how to make it more comfortable. Throughout the entire time I was bored out of my mind. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

When we got in the car I just stared at Grace. "Why you staring at me like that?"

"Because I hate you right now."

"What the hell I do?!"

"You made me go to this damn class! I was bored out of my fucking mind."

"I thought it would help got dammit."

"You thought wrong got dammit!"

"Maybe you should try another one to make sure." I almost killed her on site at that moment. "I'm telling you this now I will not be doing another one of these classes now take me home."

I was so tired when I got home, I just wanted to get me some ice cream and lay out on the couch. However all that came to a halt when I came in contact with four men sitting on my couch eating my damn food. Never eat a pregnant woman's food! I looked at Grace and she just shrugged maybe because this is just her in male form. "Why is there strangers in my home?" I sat my things down and just stared at them. "I don't know I just hope they haven't ate up all the food up in here."

Cordell came downstairs with Sapphire right behind him. "Mommy you're back!" Sapphire ran to me and hugged me. "Yes, I am and wondering why there are four men sitting on my couch eating my food."

"Baby girl these are my groomsmen and four good friends." I smiled and nodded still confused. "Right here is Ryan," he said pointing to a guy that was dark skin that was a little shorter than Cordell with brown eyes and dreads. "This is Jameson." He said pointing to a guy that was light skin with hazel eyes and a low cut fade. "Next is Jaceyon who is Jameson's brother." He was the shortest of them all that had the same light skin complexion as his brother but with dark brown eyes. "Last is Wyatt." He was the only white guy in the group that had dark black hair that hung to his neck with bright green eyes. "Well it's nice to meet you all."

"Mommy we got daddy a tux."

"Really did you make sure it was the right kind?"

"Yes because he was trying to get a white one." I looked him like seriously. "It was just a joke babe. I know you would kill me if I got a white tux."

"Good." He took my hand and led upstairs to our bedroom. "So I finally met your friends," I said sitting on the bed. "Yes you did, so what you think?"

"I think they're okay would like them better if they weren't on my couch and eating my food," I pouted. "How was the class?"

"The class sucked now show me the tux you went and got. It better be good." He went to the closet and pulled out his tux. I had to say the tux did look good and would look even better on him. "Damn baby you are going look so good on our wedding day."

"I thought you would like it."

"No, baby I love it."

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