Chapter Sixteen

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So today Cordell and I decided to just stay home from work. At first I was totally against it but when he pulled out my favorite fruit loops I was hooked. I also liked that I could just walk around in just a sports bra and yoga pants. Sapphire begged us to let her stay and I was down but Cordell got all parent on us and said no. When he had his back turned I told her we would play hooky together and he wouldn't have to know.

"What you doing," Cordell asked coming back from his run. I got sidetracked with the way his muscles moved and how good his tattoos looked. I bit my lip to calm myself and my dirty thoughts. "I was just waiting for Denise to get her to go over everything." He stared at me as if he knew something I didn't.

"Well next time you should go running with me."

"Not going to happen," I said completely shutting the idea down. "Why not?"

"Because I don't like to run and I don't like to sweat."

"That is such a girl thing to say," he said laughing. "And what you said is such a guy thing."

"All I'm saying is if we went running together then it could be some couple time plus it would be good for us."

"Yea not going to happen," I got up and patted him on the shoulder and went downstairs. It's not that I didn't like to exercise which I didn't, I mean who does but I always did just enough to stay healthy. When I got downstairs the doorbell rang so answered it.

"Well don't you look comfortable," Denise said as she walked in and sitting on the couch. "I am thank you very much."

"In that case let me ruin it for you." She pulled out a stack of papers and slid them to me. Before I could speak Cordell came downstairs now fully dressed in black jeans with a jean button down shirt that hung on the outside along with a pair of Vans. "Damn can I get a piece," Denise said biting her lip. I threw a pillow at her head to make her stop.

"Where are you going," I asked turning back to Cordell. "I figured you would be getting hungry so I am going to get some food."

"You read my mind, what are you getting?"

"I don't know yet you will know when I get back," he said winking and giving me a kiss before he left out the door. "I guess my ass ain't hungry then!" I swear Denise was something else. Sometimes I felt like she was worse than Grace. "Sure as hell ain't especially if you keep gawking at my man." I glared at her.

"Hey can't I look? I mean you get to touch so stop tripping."

"Go find yo own damn man!"

"Don't you think I been trying?! Men out here are either looking for a one night stand or someone to take care of them and I can tell you this I ain't the one."

"Be patient you will find the one soon or later, you are just twenty-seven."

"Whatever let's go over this event that has been driving me crazy."

"Okay so what do we need to do since the event is in two days?"

"So far everything is set from the venue to the food. I found this great venue that I think is perfect for the occasion and will highlight the collection as well. What I need you to do is sign off on these contracts and receipts so that I can take them to Mr. Richards."

"What about the girl's program?"

"I have set up a meeting with fifteen different schools so that you can make your selection of the girls you want to be a part of the program. You also have a meeting with a man from Larson Tech who is interested in sponsoring the program."

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