Chapter Sixty-Five

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I woke stretching my limbs from last night. I really didn't sleep well since Cordell stayed at a friend's house last night to follow tradition. Today was the day of the wedding and I was officially freaking out. It was more like nervous tension that something was going to happen that I couldn't control. I sat up in the bed and instantly felt a small pain in my side. I had been feeling it for a while but I always ignored. It wasn't anything like the last time so I wasn't really worried. I looked down at the ring on my finger smiling. I was finally going to become Mrs. Jackson. I never thought I would ever be this happy again but here I was, happy. I had three beautiful kids and the most amazing husband I could ever ask for. Right now my life was perfect.

"Good, you're up! We have a lot to do today so I need you to eat so we can get a move on." My mom walked in placing a tray full of food down on my bed. I looked at the tray and saw she had pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, and grits. My mouth instantly watered at seeing it. I grabbed some toast and put some eggs and bacon it then put it in my mouth. I sat back enjoying the food in my mouth.

"So are you ready to be a married woman," my mom asked shoving a piece of bacon in her mouth. I shrugged. "I guess so. At this point I'm just trying not to freak out."

"Sorry sweetie but that's impossible. It is only normal for a bride to complete lose her mind. It's only natural."

"Well, I don't I want to freak out today. All I want to do is get this over with."

"I understand that but don't rush through it, enjoy yourself. This is your big day make sure you are able to remember it when this all over. Hopefully you won't ever have another wedding so make sure you make the most of today." Maybe she was right. I did need to enjoy my wedding even if I am six months pregnant with twins in my stomach.

"Okay so I need you to get ready to go, Elizabeth went to make sure Cordell stays on track and Grace went to the venue to set up the dressing room."

"Okay." I shoved one last pancake in my mouth and went into the bathroom. After I took a shower I pulled on some leggings and a pullover. I pulled my hair up since I knew they would just do something to it anyway. "I'm ready."

"Alright your wedding planner is already there making sure everyone is doing their job."

"Glad to see I don't have to lift a finger."

"Nope all you have to do is look pretty and get your ass down that aisle." I laughed and followed her out the door.

When we got to the place people were running around like mad people. My mom didn't give me a chance to look anymore and pulled me to the dressing room. When we got to the dressing room Grace had the room completely transformed. There was makeup everywhere and music blasting. "It's about time yo ass showed up!"

"Sorry didn't know you were waiting for me." I walked further into the room and grabbed some gummy bears and stuffed them into my mouth. "For someone that's about to get married you sure calm as hell."

"I'm trying to be. What do you have planned today?"

"We have to get your hair together then we have to do your makeup. Once we have all that we have to get you into that dress of yours. I hope you got it big enough."

"Hey it's big enough. I've been watching what I been eating, sometimes."

"Yea we all have," she said smirking. I stuck my tongue out at her and sat down in the chair. "I want to see if you can watch your weight when you have two humans growing inside of you."

"First off I don't want to be pregnant again, one was enough. Hell running after Trinity ass got me all types of tired. That child don't ever seem to have an off switch." She took my hair out of the ponytail and started working on it. "What if the guy you meet once a child?"

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