Chapter Fifty-Eight

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I was on the bed going over my proposal when Cordell walked in talking to himself. He took off his coat and threw it on the floor. He sat on the bed and start to take off his shoes while still mumbling to himself. I waited as he continued to angrily take off his clothes. He threw on a t-shirt and sweat pants then sat on the bed. "Care to share?" he didn't say anything and then looked back at me.

"What you doing home?"

"Trying to obey my future husband's wishes and work from home like he wanted. Want to tell me why you are home so early and who is going to be getting my daughter from school?"

"I called your mom and she said she would do it."

"Okay now why are you here?"

"Got frustrated and decided to just come home before I went completely off." I put my stuff down and crawled over to where he was. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pecked his cheek. "Tell momma what's wrong."

"Momma?" I slapped him. "Just tell me what's wrong asshole."

"The expansion of my company is what's wrong. Remember when I told you everything stalled, well now they making up dumb ass excuses as to why my shit isn't moving along. I told them when I wanted this shit done and now they playing with my money."

"What you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to have to fly down there because the more this stall the more money coming out my pocket."

"When you leaving then?"

"I don't know. I'm gonna call my assistant to set something up and then let you know." I nodded and ran my hand up and down his chest we sat in silence.

"How you feeling," he asked after a moment. "Fine but I can't stay on my feet too long. Carrying your big ass children isn't an easy job." He removed my arms and then looked at me seriously. "You know damn well they get that from you, not me. If they heavy then it's because every time I turn around you eating something."

"First of all I only eat because I am hungry. I have two growing children inside me, you try doing it that."

"You using my children as an excuse so you can eat."

"You know what next time you want more children, you push them out of you." I stuck out my tongue. "Keep on I'll take that tongue away from yo ass." I stuck my tongue out again and laid back on the bed.

"So you know soon Sapphire will be starting Kindergarten?"

"I know that. You don't think I'm keeping up with my first child and her major achievements?"

"Okay have you been thinking about where you want to send her to school?"

"Wherever she go, she going to a private school."

"Really? You don't want her to go to public school?"

"Why would I send her to public school when I got the money to send her to private school? I want her to have the best opportunities and if I can help with that then I will. I don't have nothing against public school because I went to one but I want my children to have a better chance than me." I nodded then sat back soon falling asleep.

"Mommy you're home," Sapphire screamed running to me. "Where's Trinity?"

"Upstairs sleeping."

"And what are you doing?"

"Playing with my dolls." I put my things down and went to the kitchen with her right behind me. "Mommy what's for dinner?"

"I don't know lady bug what do you want?"

"I don't know something hot and sweet." I picked her up and put her on the counter. "And what is hot and sweet that you would like to have?" she shrugged her shoulders. I went to the fridge and got two orange juices for the both of us. "So tell me lady bug how was your day?"

"It was okay but the teacher made us write our name twenty times and my hand started hurting. Then at recess they took all the swings so I had to play on the slide."

"You don't like the slide?"

"I do but I wanted to swing on the swing."

"Then maybe next time you can get to the swing. Now how I about I make sweet and sour chicken with pasta to make you happy?" she shook her head up and down rapidly. "Then that is what we will have. Where is your daddy?"

"Upstairs packing."


"Yep." She shook her head up and down. "Alright go upstairs and wake up Trinity." I put her on the floor and she ran off. I gathered my things and went to find Cordell.

"So it's true you are packing." I put my things down on the bed and put my hands on my hips. "I know you don't think you could leave without me knowing. I told you, you are stuck with me." He put down his clothes and walked over to me grabbing me by waist pulling me to him. "And I told you I wouldn't have it any other way." He bent down and kissed my lips.

"Then why are you packing?"

"Got to go to Chicago and find out what's going on with my expansion."

"So I take it they did something else to piss you off?"

"That's all they seem to do. Going to go down there and find out why they keep making excuses and still taking my money."

"When will you get back?"

"I should be back in three days on Saturday."

"You leaving tonight?"

"No, tomorrow morning." I sat on the bed and watched him finish packing. "When are you giving your proposal?"

"Thursday and I'm so nervous. If I mess this up then there goes my chances of being partner."

"Stop worrying so much, you been working on this forever. Just be that powerful woman I fell in love with it and you will do just fine."

"You think I'm powerful?"

"Baby girl you are very powerful. So much so you got me to put a ring on that finger of yours after months of us dating." I smiled. "Baby that wasn't power that was me being smart. See I knew you were vulnerable so I swooped in at the right time and claimed my rightful place." He laughed. "Whatever you say baby girl but just remember you got my ring on your finger and my children inside you, so tell me who was really smarter," he smirked. I really hated him sometimes.

"Oh I forgot I have a meeting with the wedding planner."

"Why you meeting her?"

"To finally see the dress the designer came up with."

"You think this one will be the one?"

"I don't but I sure hope so. I cannot go dress shopping with your grandma or my mom again. The both of them are a handful, not to mention they think they are shopping for them so they end up picking out things they like."

"They aren't that bad."

"No, they don't get bad until they start drinking the free wine. When they get wine in their systems they start to think they are the ones getting married and start trying on dresses themselves." He laughed and pulled me close to him. "Then maybe next time you just take Grace."

"Maybe I just walk down the aisle wearing leggings and a t-shirt."

"Baby girl I don't care what you wear as long as yo ass get down that aisle. He kissed my forehead and went back to packing.

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