Chapter Thirty-Nine

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"I can't believe you are actually here right now."

"Well believe it."

"You can't be standing up like this with your leg injury and the doctors haven't checked you out yet, you need to take it easy."

"I'm fine."

"No, you need to go back to your room so they can check you out." He put his hand over my mouth shutting me up. "I'm not leaving this room so you can just let that go right now. I have been in a bed for more than a month so right now I just want to be here with you."

"At least have the nurses bring you a bed so you can rest and heal." He went out to tell the nurses about his whereabouts. I couldn't believe he was really back and still stubborn as hell. He refused to sit down and let is body rest. But I had to admit I was overjoyed I finally had my love back.

"Okay I let the nurses know where I will be staying and texted every one of my return."

"And here I thought you would take it easy after being in a major car crash."

"Speaking of which, I never asked why are you in here? I know why I'm here but I'm confused about why you are in this bed." I knew this question was going to come up but I didn't know how to approach it. I mean the whole reason we fought was because I wasn't pregnant. I just hoped he would still want to have a baby with me after all of this. "I passed out."

"Why would you pass out?"

"Because I was pushing myself too hard and not taking care of myself. I was just too stressed out."

"You wouldn't just pass out from stress like that, there's something you're not telling me." He squinted his eyes like he was trying force me to tell me what it was. "Fine I passed out because I am pregnant." I closed my eyes so I wouldn't see his reaction. I didn't want to see his face when he got mad. When nothing happened I slowly opened my eyes to meet his still glaring ones. "Are you serious? Are you sure?"

"Yea the doctor said they ran some test and it said I am pregnant."

"I can't believe this is happening."

"Are you mad?"

"Mad?! I fucking excited! We are finally going to have the baby we have been working so hard to have." He bent down mashing his lips to mine. For the first time I felt happy about being pregnant, I felt complete. I was finally going to have my family.

"Man I hope it's a boy."

"Sapphire wants a little sister."

"Well she's going to be disappointed because this is definitely going to be a boy." He placed his hand on my stomach rubbing circles. His entire face was lit up as he stared at my belly. I was so happy to be able to give him this moment. I know how much he wanted this so to be able to finally give him this made me smile. Maybe my life wasn't so messed up. This made me want to apologize to him for the things I said. I never want to end things like we did again. Just as I was about to tell him this everyone walked in.

"I am so happy you are back son," Conrad said patting him on the shoulder. "If I am mistaken aren't you supposed to be in a bed?"

"I am but I had to come see Lelaih."

"That's sweet but if you don't get back in that bed we going to have some problems." You could tell Elizabeth was serious since she had her hands on her hips. Maybe she could talk some sense into him. "I have them bringing me a bed so don't worry."

"Cordell Jackson if your ass don't find its way to a bed I'm going to put you in one myself and trust me it won't be fun."

"What you want me to do? I already told them where I am."

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