Chapter Fifty-Three

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"I'm so nervous." Cordell grabbed my hand in his and squeezed it. "Don't worry everything will be fine. Plus the last time you had an appointment the doctor said you and the baby was fine."

"Yea but that was last time, what if something has changed."

"Then we will deal with it like we do everything else." I sighed trying to calm down. We were at a doctor's appointment waiting to be seen. I don't know why but whenever I have an appointment I get extremely nervous. I laid my head on Cordell's shoulder to try and relax a little.

"Hey I got something to tell you to get your mind of things." I looked up at him, "What's that?"

"We can officially move into our new house."


"Yes, seriously."


"Whenever you want. I finished up all the repairs and remodeling so now we can move in and make ourselves at home."

"Then I guess it's time to move."

"Okay then I will meet with a realtor to put the house for sell." I nodded and laid my head back on his shoulder.

The doctor soon called us back to be seen and my nerves went back up. I got comfortable like I was supposed to and waited for the doctor to come in. the entire time I just prayed everything was fine. "Ms. Marshall glad to see you are back."

"Jackson," Cordell spoke up correcting the doctor. She smiled and nodded. "Well you are officially four months pregnant which marks that you have entered the second trimester and the hard part should be over."

"So I can stop worrying so much?"

"I doubt you will stop worrying so much but losing the baby is not as likely now. From here on out the baby should be fine and the only thing that will be a problem is the symptoms you will be going through."

"What kind of symptoms?"

"Well now that you are in your second trimester, you will be peeing more frequently and having back aches which is all part of the process."

"So nothing serious," Cordell asked. "No, nothing serious. I am going to go and send in a nurse so that you can hear the baby's heartbeat and then you should be done."

"So everything else is good?"

"Yep, your test look good and your stress levels have dropped greatly which I am happy about. Just continue to take your medicine and you and the baby should be fine. I promise you this pregnancy will go to plan." She left out and we waited for the nurse to come in. "You should be thanking me right now," Cordell said smirking. "Thanking you for what?"

"Because I am controlling about you taking it easy and only going to work half days, your stress levels have gone down."

"No my stress levels have gone down because I just ignore you and do what I want."

"Whatever." The nurse came in smiling. "Are you guys ready to hear your baby's heartbeat?" we both nodded waiting for her to hook me up. She pulled up the screen and moved her hand around to find the baby. She suddenly stopped like something was wrong. My nerves went right back up. "Is something wrong?"

"I don't know yet, I'm going to go get the doctor to make sure what I am seeing is correct." She quickly left out leaving both of us confused. I could tell Cordell was on edge by the way his side vein was moving but just didn't want to show it. He tightened his grip on my hand to let me know everything would be okay. The doctor came back in with the nurse and they both looked at what the nurse was looking at previously. "I'll take it from here." She sent the nurse out and looked at us.

"Well I definitely have some news for the both of you."

"What is it?"

"How about I show you." She pulled up the image again and looked at us. "You see that?"

"Yea what about it?"

"That is an image of both of your babies." Now I was hearing things. "Excuse me?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Jackson you are having twins."

"But I was told I was only having one baby?"

"The other baby might not have been seen or heard since their heartbeats could've been synchronized."

"So you are telling me instead of having one baby, I am going to be having two?"

"Yes you are. Your hands will definitely be full now." I looked at Cordell and he was smiling wide like a big kid. While I was trying to wrap my head around having two kids and not one. This meant I would have to get the house prepared for two babies. I would also have three kids instead of two and I didn't know if I could handle that.

"Hey just breathe," Cordell said once the doctor left. "This is a lot to take in."

"I know."

"Do you? I don't know if I can handle all of this. I would have to be taking care of three kids instead of two now." Now I was panicking.

"Correction we would be taking care of three kids. You are not in this alone, you have me."

"But with both of our schedules it's going to be impossible."

"We knew that already and plus we find a way to make work with Sapphire."

"Sapphire doesn't count, she is one step away from being thirty."

"True but she still needs her parents and we will always be there for her and our two new additions. Stop worrying and enjoy this miracle we have." He laid his hand on my stomach. "You know that means we have to come up with two names now?"

"Two boy names," he smirked. I just sighed shaking my head.

We went to a diner after the doctor's visit to get some food. I ordered me a big thing of bacon cheese fries and a large sprite. "What happened to eating healthy," Cordell asked as I stuffed my face with my fries.

"Well today is my off day."

"Whatever." He took a bite of his cheeseburger. "You know it wouldn't hurt if you loosened up a bit."

"I think I'm fine the way I am."

"I think you need to let the whole boss man attitude go for just a little while. I mean you do know we are your family not your workers."

"Yes, I know that but it's hard for me to do that sometimes. The way I grew up I taught myself to put up walls and to always be in control. When my mom left me I was broken so I told myself in order for that never to happen again I had to always be in control."

"Well just like I had to learn to trust you and see that you weren't like Lucas, you have to learn that we are your family and we are not your mom. We aren't going anywhere, especially not me. You don't have to always be in control"

"When you lose control, your flaws show."

"I like your flaws."

"In that case I promise to try to let lose little by little. I don't want you or my children to ever think I'm not all in this because I am. My family means everything to me and I would do anything for you and them."

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