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I stretched out from a good night of sleep. I was laying in the middle of the bed so I was basically taking up most of the bed. It wasn't until I looked at the clock that I realized Cordell wasn't in bed with me. He had taken off of work for two weeks to be with me so I know he wasn't at work. I sat up and looked by my phone to see that his was gone. I then noticed that his keys were gone too. I grabbed my phone to call him but it went straight to voicemail. I sighed biting my lip.

"Mommy the babies are crying," Sapphire said coming in rubbing her eyes. "Okay lady bug." I got out of bed and walked to the nursey with her following behind me. I saw the twins crying their heads off, each one trying to outdo the other. "What's wrong with them mommy?"

"I think your brothers are hungry."

"So what do we have to do now?" she peeked over to look at a crying Kaden. "Hold out your arms." I picked up Kaden and put him in her arms. "Do you have him?" she struggled then shook her head. I picked up Jaden. "Okay follow me to the kitchen so we can fix their bottles." We walked to the kitchen and I found a note on the counter. I picked up and read it and it was from Cordell saying he loves me. I got out the bottles already filled with milk thanks to Cordell. I put on a pot of water to boil for the bottles.

"Mommy where is daddy?"

"I don't know lady bug, I thought you would know." She shook her head and continued to try and get Kaden to calm down. He was doing everything to get away from her but she wasn't letting that happen. I laughed and waited for the bottles to warm up a little. I was still confused form the note on the counter. Cordell didn't tell me he was going on a trip or anything and if he did have to he would tell me. Something was up.

We finally got the babies fed and calmed down so they were now sleeping. I still hadn't heard anything from Cordell and I was starting to get worried. As I was walking downstairs I heard someone coming in. I rushed down to see if it was Cordell, but it was just Elizabeth and my mom. "Why are ya'll here?"

"Well, damn Elizabeth I guess we should've called before we came over here," my mom said with her hands on her hips. I sighed. "I'm sorry momma, I'm just in my emotions right now."

"Why them babies driving you crazy already?"

"They are, but that's not it. I woke up this morning and Cordell wasn't here and I don't have any idea where he went. He hasn't called or texted all morning."

"Then maybe we can help take your mind off of things for a while." They took me by my hand and led me to the couch. They then took a bunch of stuff and begin playing with my hair. "Okay what the hell is going on?"

"Nothing baby we are just doing something," Elizabeth said patting me on the head. "Well can you at least tell me what you are doing?"

"We are just making you look good. Stop worrying so much and just go with the flow." I just sat back and let them do whatever they wanted to me. Obviously they were up to something. "So sweetie how do you like being a mother? Are they driving you mad by now?"

"Every night they wake me up crying their heads off and every morning they wake up do the same thing. They are constantly draining my energy." They laughed. "I told you the day was gonna come when you wished for someone to help you with those babies."

"I know but even though they are still my babies and I am enjoying every minute of taking care of them."

"Okay now go put on this dress we have brought here for you." I looked at them confused. "Why?"

"Don't ask questions and just go put on the dress."

"But why am I putting on a dress in the first place?" they looked at each other. "Just do it Lelaih." I grabbed the dress and headed up the stairs to put it on. I still had some of the baby weight but most of it was gone. I looked at the dress and it was beyond pretty. But now I was even more confused than before.

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