Chapter Nine

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The other night I let Cordell stay the night mainly because I didn't want to be alone. He always knows how to make me feel better when I am down and love that about him. We stayed up watching movies all night until we both fell asleep. I tried to get out of his grip but he wouldn't let go for anything. "Stop moving I'm trying to sleep."

"Well I'm trying to go take a shower." He didn't say anything but kept his eyes closed like I didn't say anything. I really wanted to get up so I could shower since I didn't last night. I stared at the ceiling and then decided to pinch his arm to let me go. "Damn woman!" he pinned me down to where he was on top. "I told you I wanted to get up," I said shrugging. He looked at me and then smirked. "Well now you definitely not getting up." He began to trail kisses along my jawbone which caused me to moan out loud. He reached the crook of my neck and found my spot. He started to suck and bite it until I couldn't take anymore. "Cordell," I moaned wrapping my arms around his neck bringing him closer. I trailed one hand down his chest but was stopped when I reached the top of his pants. He rolled over and put his arms behind his head.

"What are you doing?"

"You said you wanted to take a shower so I am letting you take a shower," he said smirking. I stared at him and then got out of bed. I couldn't believe I let him play me like that. When I got out of the shower Cordell wasn't in the bedroom. I put on my underwear and then put on a grey t-shirt dress. I pulled my hair up in loose bun and headed downstairs.

As I reached downstairs I heard voices and got curious as to who was in my house. When I did get downstairs I saw two people I didn't know. Cordell saw me and came over to me "Lelaih there some people I want you to meet." He grabbed my hand and led me into the kitchen. I saw this older woman who was very petite but beautiful. She had grey hair with a dark skin complexion. Then there was the man who I think was her husband and he also had a head of grey hair but was much taller with nice caramel complexion.

"Lelaih these are my grandparents." I smiled not knowing what to say. They both looked at me as if they were judging whether or not I was worthy. The old lady came and hugged me tight. "I have been asking Cordell to let us meet you for months now!"

"Yea the boy keeps you under wraps from us," the man said glaring at Cordell. "Where's my manners my name is Elizabeth Jackson and this is my husband Conrad Jackson."

"Nice to meet you both."

"Gosh you are so pretty! My son has never brought anything like you home before." I looked at Cordell and he just shrugged. "Don't be shy I made us some breakfast." She grabbed my hand led me to the table to sit down.

"Lelaih!" Sapphire came running in and jumped on my lap. "Hey lady bug!"

"I missed you." She hugged my neck tightly. "Well I missed you too lady bug."


"Yea really." She nodded and started playing with my hair. "Lelaih can you help me make brownies for my class bake sale?"

"Sure lady bug. We can go shopping after this."

"Yay!" she jumped off my lap and ran upstairs. Elizabeth put a plate in front of me filled with sausage, cheese grits, and biscuits. Cordell sat down with a plate full too and started eating like he had never eaten before.

"Well it's seems lil bit likes you a lot," Elizabeth said as she and her husband sat down. "Yea I guess so."

"So tell us about yourself."

"I am vice president of Starling Fashion House and I am 32 years old."

"So does that mean you get to fashion shows and everything?"

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