Chapter Twenty-Eight

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To take our minds off of what's going on Cordell decided that we should go paint the house. At first I wasn't up for it but then I thought it would be a good thing. "How you feeling today?" he had just came back from giving Sapphire cereal because she came in claiming she was starving.

"I feel okay but I do feel the difference in body. I feel like these hormones are making me more emotional like I can't control how I feel from one minute to the next."

"Then maybe I can help you with that," he said smirking. "And how are you going to do that." he lifted me out bed carrying me bridal style. "How about I show you in the shower and then you can tell me if helped or not."

I had to admit that shower was definitely something I needed. We hadn't connected like that since everything happened and it felt good to have it back. We both needed that more than ever. "How you feel now?"

"Very relaxed thank you very much."

We got dressed so that we could go pick up the paint to take the house. I had finally decided on the colors I wanted to use and so did Sapphire. As we were going downstairs the doorbell rang. When I opened it, it was Grace with a huge cheesecake in her hand and Trinity by her side. "Auntie!" Trinity rant to me wrapping herself around me. I picked her up and twirled her around.

"How is my favorite niece? I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Mommy said I could come see you."

"Well I am glad she did, my life hasn't been the same without my favorite niece." I kissed her all over her face making her scream for joy. I swear she was the best. I let Grace in and followed her to the kitchen. Cordell had Sapphire in his arms as he followed me.

"So um you wanna tell me why you have a cheese cake in your hand?"

"To celebrate duh." She grabbed glasses out of the cabinet along with some wine and began to poor it. "To celebrate what exactly?"

"To celebrate me getting my life back and getting rid of that bastard and his devil father."

"Wait he dropped the lawsuit?"

"Yes, and he gave me full custody so I will never have to worry about this happening again." She opened the cheesecake and begin to cut it. I sat Trinity down in one of the chairs. "So your way of celebrating is eating cheese cake and drinking wine with kids?"

"The kids eat the cheese cake we drink the wine."

"Well I can't drink anymore since I am taking these injections so looks like you are drinking alone."

"I swear you guys are no fun! Where are you going anyway?"

"We are going to pick up some paint to paint the new house and get the furniture when it is delivered."

"I wanna go!" Trinity whined looking at me. "You have to ask your mom."

"Mommy can I go?"

"Yes, you can go and while you take her I am going home to get some sleep something I haven't had since this whole thing started."

We finally made it to the paint shop to pick up the paint we needed. It took a while since it was hard to find the exact one that matched the paint sample we wanted. Sapphire also changed her mind five different times before she finally settled on the one she already wanted in the beginning. Then Cordell decided he wanted to be difficult too saying he didn't like the color we picked out. So we were basically in the store arguing why our color was the best until he finally gave up and went with what we decided. We also had to account for Trinity who wanted to pick a color for her room too. If you thought a four year old had decision making problems than you haven't dealt with a two year old. She went back and forth going through the entire color wheel.

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