Chapter Three

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It was the weekend and to say I was happy was an understatement. I looked forward to the weekends because then I could get away from my demanding job but then I remembered I had a meeting today and groaned. I wished I could stay in bed forever. A word to the wise never grow up, it sucks! I rolled over and stared at the ceiling thinking about that guy from the party. I had to admit he had a hold on me but there was that little part of me that kept reminding me of my ex and what he did to us. I wanted to believe that all men weren't the same but I thought the same about him and look where it got me, divorced at 32.

My phone buzzed on my night stand and I looked at it and it was Grace reminding me that I am supposed to meet up with her for breakfast. I hadn't talked to her since the party and she has been blowing my phone up. I finally answered yesterday and agreed to meet up with her against my better judgement. I knew she just wanted to talk about him and honestly I didn't. I just wanted to pretend like it never happened. I texted her back ok and went to take a shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and went to my closet to find something to wear. I finally decided on a burgundy high waisted pencil skirt with a black long sleeved blouse that had gold buttons down it. I curled my hair in big curls and added my makeup. I threw on my black stilettos that had a god tip, grabbed my phone and purse and headed out.

When I got to the restaurant Glories I had a minute to spare. I got in the restaurant and it was packed. I found Grace and she was already sipping on something. "Hey," I sat down while looking at the drink menu. "Don't hi me," I looked up and she was glaring at me with her arms crossed. "What did I do now?"

"You know what you did. How you gone just leave me at the party like that?!"

"Sorry I had to get out of there; it was just too much to take in."

"Did it have something to do with you talking to my boss, Cordell," she asked wiggling her eyebrows. "That was your boss!" my eyes were now wide from embarrassment. "Yea I told you I wanted you two to meet. So what did you think?"

"He was nice but just not for me."

"Are you fucking serious, he is sexy as hell?"

"Then you date him."

"He doesn't want me, he wants you. He has been asking about you nonstop. He even asked for your number but I told him he would have to ask you for it." I sighed in relief that she didn't give up my number because she usually does with no hesitation. One time I had so many strange guys calling my phone I had to get another number and phone. "I'm just not into dating right now Grace. I just got out of a divorce I don't think dating is right for me right now. I just want to focus on my job."

"Please your divorce was almost two years ago. You need to let go of what happened to you and give this good man a chance because believe or not, not everyone is like your dumb ass ex." I thought about her words but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to think of dating again. We soon ordered our food and talked some more and then I thought about something. "So when are you going to start dating again?" she looked up and then smiled, "I already am."


"None of your business, I don't want anyone to know until I am sure. He hasn't even met Trinity yet, I want to make sure he is worth it first before he meets my baby." I nodded in agreement. Trinity was very impressionable at her age and I wouldn't her to get attached to someone and then they leave.

After two more hours of us chatting like we usually do I left to go into the office. My meeting was at 12 and I had an hour to get there.

As I walked into my office I noticed some people came in today and I wasn't he only one. Too bad I was leaving as soon as this was over because I needed a damn break. When I opened the door to my office I saw blue tulips sitting on my desk with no card. I looked around and to see if someone was going to come in but nothing. I wondered who sent these, probably Grace since she was the only one who knew these were my favorite flowers. I sat down and looked over some things for the models and clothes to kill the hour I had into the meeting.

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