Chapter Twenty

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Since Sapphire was still sick I had to take off work. I really didn't mind but that meant I would be really behind. "You ready to go?"

"I can't get my hair to do right," she pouted standing in the doorway. Grace had told me to come over to her house for the day so we could discuss the wedding. I really hadn't had time to think about planning the wedding. I knew I should probably get to it but it shouldn't be that hard since it was my job to plan things. "Come here let me help." She hopped on the bed turning around so I could have access to her hair. I put her hair in a tight ponytail letting her poof hang free at the top. "There now go put on your shoes so that we can go."

"Okay mommy." She ran off to her room leaving me standing there. I didn't know how I felt about her calling me mom but we did have a talk about this already. I told her she could when she was ready and I guess she was ready. I decided if that's what she wanted to call me then that's what I would be. I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs to find Sapphire coming out the kitchen with a cookie.

"Now I know that is not a cookie in your hand," I crossed my arms waiting for her to come up with a reply. "It's a breakfast cookie," she smiled. "Go put it back and I don't mean in your mouth."

"But I'm hungry."

"And I told you when we get to Grace's house you will eat, she is making us breakfast now go." She sighed sadly walking back to the kitchen. She soon came back out with her head down being overly dramatic.

"Don't worry lady bug you will soon have all the food you can eat." I grabbed her hand locking up the house and heading to the car.

We go to Grace's house in twenty minutes. "There you are, I thought you weren't coming or something Trinity is going crazy hungry."

"Yea tell me about it Sapphire has been pouting the whole way."

"Auntie!" Trinity ran to me where I picked her up spinning her around. "I miss you."

"Well I have missed you too lil one. Have you been good?" she nodded her head while chewing on her fingers which she only did when she was hungry. I sat her down and let her run back into the kitchen. "Come on lady bug so I can get you some food."

We sat down eating the breakfast Grace cooked. I don't know why I thought she would cook a big breakfast. The only thing she cooked was eggs and put cereal on the table. "Grace what is this? I thought you said you cooked breakfast?"

"Well I started to but then I saw I only had eggs or cereal. With everything going on I forgot to grocery shop." Sapphire looked at me like she was dying. "Okay look eat some lucky charms and I will cook you a good dinner tonight," I pleaded. I knew she hated cereal but it was either this or eggs. "Fine." I fixed her cereal and told her to join Trinity in the living room who had grabbed her bowl and already left.

"So how are things going with you and the little one?"

"Actually we are fine. In fact yesterday she called me mom and now that seems to be permanent."

"Wow that's a big step. Are you okay with that?"

"Well she asked me about it a long time ago if she had to call me mom and I told her when she was ready to call me that then she could so I guess she is ready," I said shrugging. "But are you okay with being her mother? Being her mother means you can't run if you get overwhelmed. She is now looking up to you as her parent and protector; she is counting on you to always be there."

"I know this and honestly I wouldn't want it any other way. I love that little girl like she is my own. Even if Cordell and I don't work I will always be that little girl's mother."

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