Chapter Twenty-Four

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I woke up this morning to Cordell staring at the TV watching some show. I felt better that he had talked to me and felt comfortable enough to talk to me. It was like he was opening up to me and I was happy he was. "Sleeping beauty is up." I looked up at him to see him smiling at me.

"Why are you up so early?"

"I had a conference call with this investor in China about a business deal between his company and mine."

"You went into the office?"

"Nah I took it while you were sleep on my phone."

"I swear you never stop working." I stretched out trying to get my limbs to relax. My hair fell across my face causing me to almost eat it when I yawned. "What are we doing today?" I thought about what we needed to do and almost fainted at how much needed to be done. Besides the wedding, we had an empty house just sitting there. "We need to start working on the house we just bought."

"Why can't we just wait until the wedding?"

"Because I want to get that done and get moved in before the wedding. That way we can put this one up for sale or whatever you want to do with it."

"I was thinking about letting my grandparents have the house, I mean it is already paid for."

"I think that will be nice of you. That way they won't have to worry about bills or anything, they can just live."

"So you're okay with that?"

"Baby I'm okay with anything you have planned but we do need to start working on the house. And have you talked to your grandparents about this idea of yours?"

"No but I will soon." I nodded sinking further down into the bed. The sheets just felt so comfortable that I never wanted to leave them. Just as I was about to go back to sleep someone jumped on the bed. "Baby girl what are you doing?"

"Nothing." She got under the covers making her way in between the both of us. "Mommy are you up," she asked tugging on my hair.

"I am now." She reached for the remote turning the TV to Disney channel and away from ESPN that Cordell was watching. "Now I know you got a TV in yo room," he asked picking her up and tickling her.
I do but I wanted to watch TV in here." Cordell sighed putting here down where she was and getting out of bed.

"And where are you going?"

"To take a shower before you because I know how slow you are." I glared at him as he laughed walking into the bathroom. "Mommy what are we doing today," Sapphire asked snuggling into me.

"Well, me and your dad were thinking about going shopping for the new house. You know maybe get you a new and bigger bed and look at what color to paint your room."

"Can I paint it any color I want?"

"It is your room."

"Can we go out for breakfast too?"

"If we are going to do that then you are going to have to get ready or we won't make it in time." she jumped out bed and rant to her room just as Cordell came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. "Where Sapphire?"

"She went to get dressed so we could eat out for breakfast." He nodded turning the TV back to ESPN. I got up and went to take a shower myself. When I came out he was fully dressed in black jeans with a button down short sleeved denim shirt. I decided I would kind of match him and put on a black dress that stopped mid-thigh and hugged my body with my black moccasins. I added my short blue jean jacket and rolled up the sleeves. Since I didn't feel like messing with my hair I pulled my hair up in a tight bun on the top of my head. I didn't bother putting on makeup since we were going shopping. "You trying to match me now?"

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