Chapter Thirty

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Today I was feeling a little bit better besides the constant injections. I swear I hated needles at this point. Sometimes I hated Cordell and wanted to stab him with a needle. I know he has to do it but I hated it very much. "Don't you look like a happy camper," Denise said coming into my office.

"You really want me to hurt you, don't you?"

"You love me so I know you won't hurt me." she sat down crossing her legs. I didn't know why she was in here so I just ignored her. "So you not going to ask me what I want?"

"Nope, don't care."

"You know you could totally be a mean girl if you wanted to. You have the attitude like one." I looked up at her seeing her playing with her nails. "Denise I do not pay you to sit in my office and play with your nails."

"First, off you don't pay me the company does and second of all you don't get paid to have sex in your office but you do," she said smirking. "I didn't have sex in my office."

"So those noises I heard when I was about to come in weren't sex noises?" she looked at me like she already knew the answer. I hated when she did this shit. "I'm not saying anything I plead the fifth."

"So other words I was right."

"Look Denise just tell me what you need to tell me." I really didn't want to discuss what me and Cordell did. I was already embarrassed about but I had to admit it made me feel more alive. I had never did anything like that before so I felt good to step out of my box for a change. "Well I came to ask you about this guy I have been dating." I looked up at her confused. "You been dating a guy?"

"Just for a while. I wanted to keep it on the low until I knew what it was."

"Okay and what is it?"

"That's the thing I don't know. He is nice and treats me okay but I don't feel any sparks with him. I don't get giddy around him or get butterflies when I see him. I don't know if he is the right guy for me."

"If you feel this way then maybe he isn't. Maybe you need to keep looking for the one that gives you all of what you described."

"But what if I'm being too picky and I pass down a really good guy because of technicalities? I don't want to end up alone because I have set my standards too high. I want what you have, how did you know Cordell was the one?" I thought about her question, I never really thought about it I just knew he was. "For one he chased me until he got me which was a plus but honestly by the kind of person he is. I didn't have butterflies when I first started dating him but I got them over time. now anytime he enters the room I go crazy. You have to build a connection with a person first and then the other things will follow. I think you should give him time and talk to him about how you are feeling. If he really is the one he will do whatever it takes make you feel those things for him." she sighed and sat back thinking. There was a knock on the door and Mr. Richards' assistant came in. "Um Lelaih Mr. Richards would like to see you in his office now." I nodded and got up. "Get back to work," I said to Denise as I left. I didn't know what Mr. Richards could want but I hoped it wasn't anything bad. I knocked on the door and heard him tell me to come in. "Ah Ms. Marshall have a seat!"

"Is there something wrong?"

"Actually the opposite, everything is going as planned. The company thinks you will be a good fit to be partner so as your last test we want you to head the fall the line."

"Excuse me?"

"We want you to manage and control the fall line to its release. We are making this your project. You can recruit anyone you think you will need. You will pick everything from the models presenting the line to what the designers draw for the line. This entire thing is yours."

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