Chapter Twenty-Two

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Today was definitely going to be one of those days. On top of me worrying about those damn test results, this whole custody battle was starting to take a turn for the worst. Cordell and I agreed he would go to court with Grace while I take Sapphire to school. He had left twenty minutes ago and here I was rushing so I wouldn't be late for work. "Sapphire you ready to go lady bug," I asked looking into her room. I found her on the floor with shoes sprawled around her as she pouted. "What's wrong lady bug and why are you on the floor?"

"I can't find the right shoes for this dress." I swear she was learning too much from me. I looked at the dress she had on a white dress with red roses all over it, it was simple but made a statement at the same time. "Here why don't you wear these red ones they will go with your dress I promise." She took the shoes putting them on. "Why are you so dressed up anyway?"

"We have show and tell today and I wanted to look nice."

"What are you showing?"

"My tiara daddy bought me for my birthday."

Twenty minutes later I had her dropped off at school and made it to work on time. "Didn't think you would make it," Denise said as I made my way to my office. She followed me in as if waiting for me to get settled before telling me what I needed to know. "What you got," I asked finally getting situated in my chair. "Well, boss lady you have a meeting with that guy from Larson Tech at three."

"And what does he want?"

"He says he wants to talk to you directly about if he should invest his money in your girls' program. I have a feeling he is going to be a difficult one."

"You and me both but since I do have that meeting can you go pick up Sapphire from school and bring her here for me?"

"Is she nice or one of those evil step children you read about?"

"Denise Sapphire is not evil, just tell her that mommy sent you and she will come with you."

"Just like that," she asked with an arched eye brow. "Oh and you have to say the password which is peanut butter."

"Peanut butter?"

"Yea because who doesn't love peanut butter."

"Fine I will do it but you owe me lunch for this."


The rest of the day I spent working trying to get the girls' program together and dreading the meeting I had with this guy from Larson Tech. I didn't like the way this guy did business but I couldn't turn down sponsors. I had finally figured out everything I had done and looked over the budget when my door opened. I didn't look up since I thought it was Denise in one her hiding from someone times. When I finally did look up I almost had a heart attack.


"Do you have a minute to talk?"

"No, now leave. I told you everything I had to say the last time you popped up unannounced and nothing has changed since then."

"I didn't come here to argue or to make you mad."

"Too late." She sighed and sat down in one of the chairs in front me. Something was not right, she seemed different. She was acting calm and wasn't blowing up at me for no reason. She also didn't come here acting as if she was better than me. "Lelaih I came here in peace I promise."

"What do you want?"

"I want to be your mother."

"You've had 32 years to do that."

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