Chapter Fifty

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So today was just a chill day in the house. Cordell was in his study taking a conference and working as always. I didn't know where Sapphire was. After watching another episode of Grey's Anatomy, I got out of bed. I wanted to do something but I just didn't know what. I decided that I would go make me something to eat when I walked by Sapphire's room and saw her sitting on the floor.

"What's wrong lady bug?"

"I'm bored. I'm tired of staying the house." She pouted looking up at me. "Okay then what do want to do instead?"

"Can we go to the park?" I thought about it. "You know what I think that is a great idea. I'm going to go grab daddy and make him come too."

"You think he will come?"

"If I pout just like you did to me then I think I can convince him to come. Go get dressed." I left out and went to find Cordell in his study. I found him talking on his phone. "I don't give a damn if they don't want to comply, you make them!" he slammed the phone down on the desk. He turned and saw me and sighed. "I didn't know you were here."

"I came to talk to you but it seems you are already on edge."

"That was just business. What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Sapphire and I had an idea." I sat on the edge of the desk. "And what idea is that?"

"We were thinking we could go to the park and you would come too." He looked at me thinking of what I said. He then stalked toward me pushing my legs apart and stepping into them. He started laying kisses down my face to my neck sucking in some places. "What do I get if I do go?"

"You get to sleep in our bed and not on the couch." He stopped kissing me and looked down at me. "So are you in or out?"

"Well I sure as hell don't want to sleep on the couch."

"Good lets go get dressed then."

I found black skinny jeans with a black and white vertical stripped crew neck t-shirt. I put on black and white converse. I tied my hair up in a ponytail. Cordell decided to just keep on what he had on which was okay since he was wearing an all- black Nike sweat suit.

Before we went to the park we stopped and bought some kites to sly while out there. It was good to get out the house and Sapphire had ball. She ran around doing whatever she could. I enjoyed watching her having fun.

We had a kite flying contest and of course Cordell won since he cheated and made our kites fall. We played and ran around like a happy family. I think we all needed that. It made everything we are going through seem worth it. If we had to struggle to bring our child into this world then we would because we would be able to have days like this in the future.

When we finally tired ourselves out, we stopped and got ice cream. "So lady bug did you have fun?"


"Good. Now what do you want for dinner?"

"Can we make pizza?"

"You know what I think we can. First we have to stop by the store and get the ingredients."

We stopped at the grocery store and got what we needed plus cheesecake brownies from my favorite bakery. Being pregnant brought out a lot of cravings and one was sweets. I couldn't get enough of sugar. Of course Cordell won't let me have a lot because I still have to watch my health but when he is at work I eat all I want. I even have my mom and Grace sneak me in some when I run out.

"What can I do mommy?"

"You can help me roll out the dough." She stepped in front of me. I took her little hands and guided them to roll the dough out the right way. We then put all the ingredients we wanted on there. "Mommy thank you for taking to the park."

"No need to thank me lady bug, anytime you want to go to the park all you have to is ask."

"Okay mommy."

"Hey why don't you go and pick out a movie for us to watch while we eat dinner." She nodded and ran out of the kitchen. "Never thought she would take to any one like she has you," Cordell said from the doorway. "Why do you say that?"

"When she was younger she would wake up at night or come home crying asking why she couldn't have a mother like her friends. Whenever I dated someone she would run from them and wouldn't bother to even try and talk to them no matter how hard they tried. Eventually I would break up with them; if she didn't like them then we wouldn't have a future."

"And why do you think she took to me so well?"

"Because she knew you were special. She knew you were the one that would make our family whole."

"And did you feel the same way when you saw me?" he smiled and began to walk up to me. He grabbed me by my waist pulling me closer to him. "When I saw you I knew I would love you until the end of time. I knew that once you gave me a chance and let me in, I wouldn't be able to live without you." He bent down sealing his words with a passionate kiss. He picked me up putting me on the counter. "You do realize we are still in the kitchen."

"You do realize I don't care."

"What about Sapphire?"

"I'll be quick." He began to lift my shirt over my head. "Nothing you do is ever quick."

"Then I guess you're going to have to be quiet."

I stepped out of the shower drying off, letting my frizzy hair go all over the place. I wrapped the towel around my body going back into the bedroom. "I am never letting you do that again," I said to Cordell who was sitting on the bed. "You liked it."

"That's not the point."

"Then what is the point?" he got up coming towards me and then snatched the towel off my body, "Because I thought the point was I got to enjoy the wonders of my future wife." He looked me up and down smirking. I huffed. I snatched my towel from him and marched into the closet to put on clothes.

"How are you feeling," Cordell asked when I came out of the closet. "Yea I am fine. Trying to keep my stress down, other than that everything is good. I can't wait until our baby is here though."

"You say that now but just wait until you are up late at night from it crying nonstop. When Sapphire was a baby she used to cry all the time, I thought I would never sleep again." I laughed. "Well I don't care about that long as I have them in my arms, then all of this will be worth it."

"True but I'm enjoying seeing you pregnant with my child." He got off the bed and begin to rub circles in it. "Yea you like seeing me get fat as a pig. Soon I'm going to be wobbling every damn where."

"But I bet you will look cute wobbling around the house."

"Just because you give compliments doesn't make it any better."

"Okay then yes, my future wife you will probably get big as a house and will be barely able to walk." I took his hands off of me and started to walk way but he grabbed me pulling me back. "I was just playing baby girl. You know I will think you are beautiful no matter how you look, especially since you are giving me my second child. I love you even with your crazy hormones."

"Can you not be romantic for one minute?"

"I could try but then you would miss it," he smiled. "You are not that cute."

"But you want to marry me," he smirked. "Nope I'm only marrying you for child of course." He laughed. "Now I see you just wanted to take my child from me. And here I thought you wanted my money."

"Oh trust me the money was the next thing I was going for." He laid back on the bed, spreading his body out, "then baby girl you can have all the money you want as long as I get you." I smiled and joined him in bed. "You're crony but I do love you." He wrapped his arms around my body. "And I will forever love you baby girl.

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