Chapter Thirty-Three

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With everything that has been happening Cordell and I both agreed we needed some normalcy. This stress was not good for me especially if I was trying to have a baby. Since the cake tasting had to be done, we decided we might as well pick today. "You up for this with everything that is happening?" I looked over at Cordell nodding. "I don't want him thinking he can put my life on hold anymore. And he sure as hell doesn't get to put my wedding to you on hold." He bent down connecting his lips to mine. This time the sparks were back and tingles shot throughout my body. "Now that's a kiss." I smiled kissed him one last time and got out of bed to take a shower.

When I came out he walked in smirking. To say we were trying to get back to where we were was an understatement. We needed our relationship to be back solid or we would never make it. "Mommy can you do my hair?"

"Yea sure come here lady bug." I sat her at my vanity where my makeup and other beauty things were. I began braided her hair. "What is all this stuff?"

"My makeup."

"What is that?"

"It helps you look pretty and stand out."

"Can I use it?"

"Maybe when you are older and your dad isn't so protective." Just then Cordell walked out like he heard everything. I finished up doing her hair letting her go get dressed. "For your information I am not that protective," Cordell said going in the closet. "Who are you trying to convince me or you?"

"You not funny."

"I beg to differ my love." I slapped on the ass and went into the closet to find something to wear. I chose white skinny jeans with a black crew neck t-shirt with my black converse. I let my hair hang free. I wasn't trying to dress up since I really didn't feel up for it. Between everything with Lucas and these damn injections I was close to my breaking point. I just needed something to take my mind off things even if it was for one day. I added a silver necklace that hung down.

I headed downstairs to find Cordell and Sapphire both with pop tarts in their mouths. "Where is mine?" they looked between each other and shrugged. "Sorry mommy but there was only one pack left."

"Then I guess we will have to stop somewhere and get me something because I am starving."

"We were going to stop anyway this was just a snack we were having while waiting on you," Cordell said shoving the last piece into his mouth. I swear sometimes he was a big kid. I didn't say anything but just walked out the door leaving both of them standing there. I just wanted to get some food before I starved to death.

Before heading to the bakery we stopped at McDonalds to get some food. For some reason I needed more food to be full than usual but I just put it off as stress. A lot has been going on so my body has been a little off lately. The injections have my hormones going insane and these past events have my body on edge. "Maybe we shouldn't have eaten so much when we were going to a cake tasting," I said holding my stomach. The thought of cake was enough to make me nauseous.

"You will be fine babe just take a little taste at a time until we find the right one."

"Can eat more than a taste?"

"I would think you would be full lady bug." I looked back at her. "I'm never full for cake."

"Alright then let's go some cake." We walked inside the bakery to be greeted by our wedding planner. "You made it! And I see you bought back the cutest little girl ever." Sapphire grabbed my hand squeezing it. She really didn't like strangers. "Are we ready to taste some cake? After doing some research I think this bakery will best suit you and your wedding." We sat down at a table where we brought our first cake to taste. The first one was a plain vanilla cake with butter cream frosting. I didn't like this one since it was too simple. The next one was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Once the third one came I completely lost track of which one was which. I was feeling sick and Sapphire was bouncing off the walls. Meanwhile Cordell just ate cake like a big ass kid. "I want this one," Cordell said shoving another piece of the German chocolate cake into his mouth. "What about you?" I took a bite of it and it was good, it was perfect for him. "I like it for the groom's cake."

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