Chapter Eighteen

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As I woke up I felt something heavy on me and immediately started to freak out until I saw Cordell's arm across me. Seeing his naked body bringing me back to what happened last night. I looked at the ring that was now on my left hand trying to come to terms with the fact I was getting married again. When I first got engaged it was nothing fancy just something we felt we had to do since we had been dating so long. We didn't even have a wedding but just went down to the court house. Of course I wanted the big wedding every girl dreams of but he wasn't having it, saying we needed to put our money to better use. For some reason I thought our marriage would last forever even with the big signs warning me to abort. But with Cordell it took only months for me to know I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. There were no signs and I felt completely safe with him.

"What are you thinking so hard about," he said knocking me out of my thoughts as he rubbed his tired eyes. "Just thinking about last night."

"Oh really, well maybe I need to help you," he rolled on top of me leaving a trail of kisses along my jawbone. "I think you have helped enough, I'm still sore from last night."

"Then how about we take a bath together to loosen up your muscles?" I swear he was never going to let me rest. "I think I rather eat some food."

"I can do that I will call room service and have them bring up some food." He got off the bed and began going through the list of food. "While you are doing that I am going to take a bath in the Jacuzzi tub." I had my eye on this tub since I first saw it and I planned on using it before we had to leave.

When my muscles were nice and relaxed and my body felt like butter I decided to get out. I didn't bother to get dressed but put on the complimentary robe. "Well don't my soon to be wife look relaxed?"

"Why yes my future husband I am very relaxed." I twirled around to show off my robe. "Like my robe?"

"I love it but I would love it even more if it was off." I waved him off pretending like I didn't hear what he said. "So what did you get us for breakfast?" he pulled up the silver top showing blueberry muffins, eggs, bacon, pancakes, croissants, fruit, and hash browns. "This is a lot of food don't you think?"

"Not for me after last night I worked up quite the appetite." He sat down filling his plate full of food. For some reason I wasn't really hungry I guess I was still excited from everything that has happened. "So what kind of wedding do you want to have," he asked out of nowhere.

"I really don't know yet but I know I want a big wedding."

"Never thought you would want that."

"Well when I first got married it was just us at the courthouse and that was it. It was nothing special which I guess was a sign. I want the last time I get married to be just as special as we are to each other."

"Then I guess I better get my wallet ready."

"You don't have to pay for it all I can help, I have money too."

"I understand you have this whole independent thing going on but I am paying for our wedding. This is something special to you and I want to be the one to make it happen." Hearing that just made me fall in love with all over. "So future hubby what are we doing today?"

"I was thinking we could go shopping and maybe look at this house I think you might like."

"You found a house already?"

"Yea I didn't want to waste any time; you know how I like to get things done. I hope I'm not moving too fast for you."

"Nope I wanted to find a house before we got married anyway. I do wish you would've let me in on the whole looking thing."

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