Chapter Ten

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This morning I woke up early since I had a meeting to attend. I hated early meetings because they were always boring and I hated getting up early. I quickly took a shower and put coco butter all over my body. I chose to wear a dark blue dress that had ruffles that pulled to the side. I let my hair flow free and put my makeup. I then put on pearl earrings and matching bracelet and nude stilettos. I looked myself over and was pleased. I grabbed my purse and headed out.

I grabbed a breakfast burrito to eat on the way. When I got to work everyone was heading to the conference room so I followed. Just as I sat down Mr. Richards walked in like he owned the world.

"Alright as you all know our yearly charity event for the homeless is coming up and I want to make sure we have everything ready. Also I want to make sure our new collection is ready to reveal at the event. This is a big year since this will be the one everyone is looking at so make it count. That's all." I wrote down everything he said and sighed. I hated the yearly charity event because they always took up so much time and effort. As I was about to leave my name was called. "Ms. Marshall I need to see you in my office in ten minutes." I just nodded and headed back to my office to get rid of my things. I didn't know what Mr. Richards wanted but I did know it had to be important.

I got to his office in nine minutes and knocked on the door. "Come in!" I fixed my clothing and walked in. I felt like I was walking into the principal's office after I got into trouble or something. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, have a seat and I will get down to business." I did what I was told and sat in a chair that was right in front of his desk. "Okay so as you know the charity event is coming up?"


"Well I want you to be over it. I want you to oversee everything that happens with it."

"So you want me to do your job and mine?"

"Basically yes. This is a test to see if you are fit to be a partner of Starling Fashion House."

"You mean a like a business partner?"

"Yes I mean like a business partner. You are already vice president and in seeing that I am president I can't promote you to president but I can make you a partner in the company." I leaned back taking in what he was saying. I didn't know if I should be happy or upset that now on top of my work I had to do his too. I wanted this great opportunity but I knew it was going to be hell getting it. "Ms. Marshall?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Mr. Richards.

"Sorry I was just thinking."

"I hope you are going to take the opportunity."

"I want to take the opportunity but I am just worried the work load will be too much for me to handle."

"That is why I give you full disposal of all the workers and allowing you to even let your assistant work overtime to help you. I know this is going to be difficult but I know you can do it, I have been watching your progress since you have been here and I strongly believe in you." Hearing that gave me some hope but I was still nervous about the road ahead.

"In that case I will be happy to accept your offer."

"Good! With that settled you are dismissed, good luck." I smiled and got up to walk out. I don't know if I was excited for the future or anxious.

I got back to my office and spent the rest of the day I worked on themes and looked over the new collection to make sure everything was going according to plan. Just looking over everything was giving me a headache. I felt like I had been working overtime and I just started.

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