Chapter Twenty-Three

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 Cordell POV

So today I was alone since Lelaih took Sapphire with her to the waterpark with Grace and Trinity. Of course I wanted to go but she said it was a girls' day whatever the hell that meant. I wasn't used to being alone, usually I always had Sapphire and we would do something together but now she had Lelaih. I cold admit I was jealous at first that Sapphire ditched me for Lelaih but then I saw how happy she was. She was becoming more open and she was helping Lelaih too.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV eating some hot Cheetos when someone knocked on the door. I got up and opened the door to see my grandparents. "What ya'll doing here?"

"Boy if you don't move out the way." They pushed passed me sitting on the couch. "Where is the little one, we came to take her to the amusement park."

"Well, you're too late Lelaih took her to the water park."

"I knew I should've gotten here earlier, I could've went with them."

"Nana you know damn well you don't like getting yo hair wet."

"Boy you better watch your mouth when talking to me and why didn't you go with them."

"Because I was told I couldn't since I was a boy. They went with Grace and Trinity so it was a girls' day." I looked at my grandad, who was sitting far from me as if afraid to say or do the wrong the thing. I kept hearing Lelaih voice telling me to make up with him but something just wouldn't let me do that. I loved him but I loved Lelaih too and I would not have her disrespected by anyone.

"Okay then tell me how you doing. I mean we haven't been able to talk to you since you got engaged."

"I haven't really had time to think about how I'm doing with everything that's going on. I'm just beyond stressed at this point but I know I have to keep it together."

"Why are you so stressed? I would think you would be happy, you finally got the girl you have always wanted."

"I am happy about that I love her to death."

"Okay then what's the problem?"

"Well for one Lelaih and I went to the doctor to get her tested to see if she can have kids because she doesn't know if she can. So now we are waiting for those to come back and that alone is driving me crazy." I would never tell Lelaih I was just as nervous as her because I knew I had to be her rock. She had been through so much and I had to make sure I was there to support her. I couldn't let her see me down or she would give up too. One of us had to be strong or everything would just collapse around us.

"Wow that is a lot to take on but I can't imagine how she is feeling. For a woman to have to go through that type of thing can break them."

"I know that's why I am trying to be there for her."

"Besides that what has gotten you all stressed out?"

"Well, there's guy bidding on the building I want so that I can expand my company. It seems like everything I do he has better ways to keep me down. Then there's this custody battle with Grace. I just don't know what to do anymore." I ran my hands down my face as I thought about everything I was going through.

"Have you told Lelaih how you feel about everything?"

"No, I if I tell her then she will definitely think the worse and have no hope."

"I think you should give her more credit than that. She is a strong young woman and I think if you tell her how you are feeling overwhelmed then she will understand. You two are getting married so you have to be able to talk to one another about your problems. You can't ask her to do it if you won't give her the same courtesy."

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