Chapter Thirty-Three

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"What do you like for the bride's cake," the planner asked me expectantly. I looked over the table full of cake and took a bite of the few I did like. "I like this one."

"Okay then we have a German chocolate cake with a dark chocolate frosting for the groom's cake and a pink champagne cake with a butter cream frosting for the bride's cake." I was glad we had finally chosen our cakes because I was getting tired of eating cake. "Alright I have a few other things we need to finalize. Have you chosen a date yet for the wedding?" I looked to Cordell and he was just as lost as me. I sighed thinking of what I wanted since he was no help. "I think I would like it to be August 20." She wrote down the date, "With that date that leaves us with five months to plan the wedding. Do you have an idea for the venue?"

"I would like an outdoor wedding, something romantic but nothing to corny. Just something simple but stands out at the same time."

"I will see what I can do. Also since we have a date and I will be looking for a venue do you have the guest list so I can get a proper head count?" I dug into my purse pulling out the guest list we put together. I had to admit most of the people on the list I didn't even know and I could thank my mom for that. When she got in mommy mode she really went all out. I hadn't seen her this excited about anything I have done ever which in hindsight was kind of sad.

Once we got in the car I felt like I had been eating a bunch of sugar which I had. I hoped by the time our wedding came I would be able to see cake again without puking. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yea soon as I get this cake out of my system."

"This is shocking especially coming from a girl who eats sweets all day. You have a big jar of skittles on your desk."

"Yes, I love my sweets but I don't like that much sweets at one time. I feel stuffed with cake," I pouted. "You'll be fine baby girl. But hey don't forget we are supposed to have dinner at my grandparents' tonight."

"Uggh I don't want to even think about food right now." I held my stomach. "You can rest a little while at home before we go." I just sighed sitting back trying to keep the contents of my stomach down.

We were now home cuddled up on the couch watching TV. Sapphire had finally came down from her sugar high and was now napping. For the first two hours she was all over the place trying to get us to play with her and then she went to jumping around singing. I swear she made me rethink having a child. "Why you so quiet," I asked him turning to face him. Besides the whole Sapphire thing he had been unusually quiet. "Just thinking."

"Thinking about what?"

"How I am only five months away from getting married and soon I will be having another child. Just can't believe this is happening."

"You not having second thoughts are you," I sat up looking at him. "That's not even a thought. Hell I wish I could marry you tomorrow. I just never thought I would find somebody that would make this happy and that would get my own daughter to turn against me. With all the wedding planning, it just hit me that this is real and I see just how lucky I am." Damn sometimes he could really make a good speech. That made me think about our vows. "What do you think about our vows?"

"What about them?"

"Do you want to do the traditional way or do you want to write our own?" he rubbed his chin laying back. "I think we should write our own, you know make it special." Of course he would say that, he was the freaking speech maker.

It came time for us to get dress to go to dinner. My stomach felt better but I still didn't want a ton of food. After helped Sapphire get up and get dressed I went to get dressed myself. I put on a pink sundress that had a cut out in the back. I put on my nude pumps and I was done. We were just going to dinner so I wasn't really going to go all out.

"It's about time you showed up!"

"We had to get dressed." Elizabeth let us in. "I said dinner was starting at six and that's what I meant not six thirty!"

"Sorry gram we lost track of time."

"Whatever just get your butts in the kitchen before we all starve to death." We walked into the kitchen to find food laid out on the table. Soon as the food it my nose I instantly got hungry. We all sat down at the table and immediately dug in. "So Lelaih dear how did the cake tasting go?"

"It was fine but I got tired of cake real fast."

"Trust me I remember those days. When I was planning my wedding I didn't have much money but I made due. I went all out but still I can't wait to put yours together. Which reminds me we need to go wedding dress shopping. Did you set a date yet?"

"Yea August 20."

"Wow that's earlier than I thought, we have toget going! I will set everything up with your mom so don't worry." I guess now I had three wedding planners.

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