Good Boy {Luke Hemmings} *CURRENTLY EDITING*

Good Boy {Luke Hemmings} *CURRENTLY EDITING*

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 "I don't know if knowing my middle name is more important than you owning this," I said and started hold up her teal colored thong. She looked flushed when she saw what I was holding. "Luke give my underwear or I swear I will,"

"You will what," I held her underwear higher so she could reach. "Luke this is so unfair you know you're a freaking giant." I laughed at her insult and the cute way she's jumping.

"Luke just give me it," she started to pout which was the most adorable thing ever. I couldn't see her like this so I gave it back.

"Thank you. For being a good boy you might just get to see me in this if you're lucky one day." After she said that I couldn't stop my dirty thoughts...

~Jamie Hart seems to always get herself in sticky situations. When she is forced to move to Australia and live with her aunt. What happens when she meets Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she finds out about his past. Will she fall for his Mr. Nice guy act or will she push him aside.  Will she change him or will he change her. 

Completed on July •26•2015

Copyright issa_harry

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Random_Shiz_Nit Random_Shiz_Nit Jul 10, 2015
This is great, its no boring dont let people tell you other wise :)