His Lolita (Blake Griffin Fanfic) by idaa32
His Lolita (Blake Griffin Fanfic)by Venice Bitch
Loren London is a rising star , what happens once NBA star Blake Griffin & her meet? Will sparks fly? Hi! I just wanted to point out that Loren is an actual person lol h...
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all bad ↠ blake griffin by _chillbreaux
all bad ↠ blake griffinby ✨
Alexandra Simmons is an athletic trainer who recently moved to California to start her new job with the Los Angeles Clippers. But what happens when the teams star power...
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  • blakegriffinfanfiction
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I Only Want You | Blake Griffin by notsopsyxcho
I Only Want You | Blake Griffinby notsopsyxcho
When a NBA all star who gets whatever he wants, whoever he wants, whenever he wants meets a shy, beautiful girl in a matter of a 12 hour flight.
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The Unexpected by Serenaalovee
The Unexpectedby Serenaalovee
"Cole do you regret keeping me?" The little girl asked the big football quarterback. "Of course not baby girl, that was the best decision I ever made"...
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  • deandrejorden
  • lebronejames
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i still love you • blake griffin by _chillbreaux
i still love you • blake griffinby ✨
Being married to a superstar ain't easy. For a few years, Vivian Walker was Blake Griffin's trophy wife, but now she's divorced from the only man she's ever loved. Blake...
  • love
  • romance
  • divorce
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NBA, MLB, FIFA, NFL Baby Daddy one shots by Mariemariealyssa
NBA, MLB, FIFA, NFL Baby Daddy Alyssa Terrazas
stories about players and their families.
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lovers & friends × blake griffin [complete] {editing} by _chillbreaux
lovers & friends × blake griffin [ ✨
Christina & Blake have been best friends since they were in diapers. They're always there for each other and they have a very special bond. But, what happens when one fa...
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Baby Daddy| Kyrie Irving  by 90sNba
Baby Daddy| Kyrie Irving by ♛
When 23 year,Kyrie Irving gets caught in the partying life style and lands himself in Jail to only find out that he has a 2 year old Son by his old high school sweetheart
  • love
  • dangelorussel
  • tyga
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Live-In Enemies by KyrieJean
Live-In Enemiesby KyrieJean
Imagine Ben and Luna sitting on the same couch but far across from each other. "Hi. My name is Luna." "And I'm Ben." "And welcome to How To Spli...
  • stephcurry
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Basketball/Random Things Rant Book by divergentim5
Basketball/Random Things Rant Bookby divergentim5
All that will be in here: -NBA players/team drama -WNBA(soon) -Random things -Promo's of my favorite singers/YouTubers
  • basketball
  • opinions
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NBA Imagines by roccothompson
NBA Imaginesby Splash Brothers
In this book there are going to be NBA players imagines, College players imagines, and Famous High School players imagines
  • nbaoneshots
  • russelwestbrook
  • blakegriffin
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Neighbors. | Blake Griffin by WritersBloockk
Neighbors. | Blake Griffinby WritersBloockk
Moving to a new state is hard, starting a brand new job is also hard. But, dealing with a new neighbor can sometimes be just as hard, especially if that neighbor is an N...
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Problems. by imapackerlover
#13 Kaylee
Kaylee Vega, a girl you once had it all, but lost it in a blink of an eye. That's what changed her. One of Kaylee's dearest friend, Crystal new exactly what happened, bu...
  • romance
  • completed
  • blakegriffin
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The Less I Know The Better {Blake Griffin} by spillgoddess
The Less I Know The Better { stephanie love
Everyone has the one celebrity if they had the chance of meeting, they would do everything but talk to the person. Like the person you adore or maybe worship, you know s...
  • teenfiction
  • comedy-drama
  • yarashahidi
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ONE SHOTS // NBA [✓] by thenbacorner
ONE SHOTS // NBA [✓]by All Things NBA
A collection of short stories about our favorite players. ❤️ ©2016
  • chrispaul
  • deandrejordan
  • bensimmons
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All I Want Is You by FreakAndGeek_
All I Want Is Youby Kay Renée ✨
  • griffin
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  • matthews
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Husband Forever by ShanaziaAntionette
Husband Foreverby Shanazia
It's been a year since I last seen you , a year since the last time I held you; But it feels like forever since I told you that I loved you. So many things can happen wi...
  • boyfriendforaday
  • nba
  • blakegriffin
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Problems Solved.  by imapackerlover
Problems Solved. by Kaylee
Kaylee Vega, a girl who once had it all, but lost it in a blink of an eye. That's what changed her. One of Kaylee's dearest friend, Crystal knew exactly what happened, b...
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  • wattys2018
  • blakegriffin
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NBA Imagines!!  by NieeNiee
NBA Imagines!! by N I E E
➡️➡️This is part 2 of my first imagine book ➡️➡️Request in comments or inbox! 1.Your Name: 2.Player Name: 3.Team: 4.Scenario: 5.Clean/Dirty
  • dangelorussell
  • splashbrothers
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The Sky's Our Limit by Blakegriffin_32
The Sky's Our Limitby 🏀😍
Love is everything. And for Emerson, a point guard for the L.A sparks love means sacrifice. She will do anything for her NBA Allstar, Blake Griffin. The WNBA is great bu...
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