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fake | calum hood by thomashoodbaby
fake | calum hoodby thomashoodbaby
"You're supposed to be my girlfriend!" I exclaim, watching her begin to walk away. "No, I'm not. I'm nothing but a joke to you." She hisses, before t...
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Before I Go || L.H by Aussie_Arses
Before I Go || L.Hby Hello
Cancer. The thing slowly killing her inside and out. Never got a normal life. She wanted to end it all...until she met someone very special. ___ © Aussie_Arses Rewritten...
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Summer //hood// by LongWayHomeLuke
Summer //hood//by AUDI
When Summer meets Calum in the summer. 2014 ~ 2015 © LongWayHomeLuke. All rights reserved Most Impressive Ranking: #1 Calum Hood FanFic (July 2018) #141 5SOSFanFic (Au...
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New teacher//L.R.H//✔️  by kimthorne101
New teacher//L.R.H//✔️ by kimthorne101
Kimberly Thorne has a new teacher who seems to have an eye for her and she definitely has an eye for him... What happens when Kimberly throne catches the eyes of her new...
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Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️ by trishcatfish
Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️by ish
The fifth half that fell in love with her best friend. (social media x pov) #1 in LUKEHEMMINGS (06/29/19)
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Starstruck | C.H by valentineashton
Starstruck | C.Hby valentineashton
Hi Guys! This story has been nominated in the watty awards! I would really appreciate your support on this! "Let me guess, you're my number one fan?" "Oh...
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Sugar Coated Pain [Boxer!Calum Hood AU] by SumNawaz
Sugar Coated Pain [Boxer!Calum Hoo...by summer
It was only a matter of time until Noelle Simon and Calum Hood met, with her sister dating his best friend. But the circumstances of their meeting weren't exactly normal...
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boner // luke hemmings  by mynameisshutup
boner // luke hemmings by Zoe
highschool is hard, even worse when you get a boner from your best friend every time you see her.
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Slow Fade | cth by BarbieQSOS
Slow Fade | cthby ËLLE
Follow the intense and passionate journey of a pair and their idiosyncratic romance that may or may not last. Slow Fade Copyright © 2019 BarbieQSOS__ Wattpad . All Right...
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Daddy's Slave ~LH~ by MikeyWifey95
Daddy's Slave ~LH~by Audrea Craig
This story is DDLG story, and contains Strong Language and lot sexual content
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safe//5SOS by 5sosxruel
safe//5SOSby BLM
She'd dealt with it before- everyday in fact. The slurs were thrown around as much as the beer bottles. But no one could know. She told people she was clumsy, that she...
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𝐁𝐎𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 [lrh] by namtna
𝐁𝐎𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 [lrh]by 𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔫
"so we're just gonna keep a random fucking person in this chat now?" - or - in which that cliche fanfic thing happens and mary gets added to a group chat acci...
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The Photographer || Calum Hood by http__phan
The Photographer || Calum Hoodby Moni 🥰💝
Rankings- #71 in michaelclifford, 01-14-19 #55 in instagram, 07-02-19 #44 in michaelclifford, 07-02-19 #57 in 5sosfanfic, 07-02-19 #49 in instagram, 07-09-19 #11 in 5so...
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5SOS smut by C-S-B-
5SOS smutby C.S.B
Hot-short stories involving the boys of #5sos. I wrote these so please don't steal them.
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Ashton Irwin Imagines by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Ashton Irwin Imaginesby Mellow Yellow
Short imagines about our favorite drummer! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only*
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talk fast // calum hood by kristxn
talk fast // calum hoodby k loves c
won't last, I'm okay with that // burn, crash, romance -basically a Calum fluff book with occasional smut and a big surprise at the end :) (previously called If These Wa...
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Run (Punk Luke Hemmings) by mrshemmo18
Run (Punk Luke Hemmings)by Luke is Life
Allison Montgomery wasn't your average teenage girl. She liked punk rock bands and dressed in all black almost all the time. She already had a hard time fitting in at he...
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Daddys Girl (OneShots) by spacebunny_333
Daddys Girl (OneShots)by MukesPenguin
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5sos Bsm by alexis__7
5sos Bsmby Alexis
5 Seconds of Summer bsm...If you don't know bsm stands for brother sister moment :) Keep those requests going ;)
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love // c.h by all1von
love // c.hby you are loved.
"why me?"
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