Chapter 36 - I guess that I don't want to either

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Zayn's been here with me and Harry for the past week or so and Archie won't quit it with her suspicions, oh em gee, talk about trying to break apart two people, me and Harry are at the height of our relationship though, been around five months since we got together! Yes, I may be counting, but you will never know this for sure my dears.

Archie keeps telling me things like 'I saw Harry and Zayn cuddled close on the sofa watching a movie whilst you were in bed sick!!' And then she always adds 'But Harry pushed him away' And I'm not sure why she does that to be honest, because I know Harry would always push someone else away, he loves me, he's told me he loves me.

But right now, I gave my sickness of flu and a sore throat to Harry, who made the joke of why his throat hurts 'Too much deepthroating you' and who was I to disagree to such a possibly true statement.

"Haz, eat.. or drink your soup, whichever you find more comfortable," He nods and then holds the bowl up to his face, he really hasn't been well, when he gets a cold or something it really hits him and he gets weak and can't do anything. I look at him as he tries to drink it but is really struggling holding it up and then I go turn around, bad idea, and hear a gasp and a smash.

I dart back around and run over to Harry who's sat with a pout on his face and his eyes watery.

His bottom lip quivering adorably.

"Shh, no don't cry, shhh, it's ok, I'll get you some more ok?" The soup wasn't hot because I let it cool a lot before giving it to him, but he has spilt it all over him and then he starts to sniff and a tear rolls down his cheek.

"Hey, Hey, let's get you cleaned up yeah? And I'll make you some more soup and if you want we'll cuddle and you can sleep for a couple hours, you didn't sleep very well did you?" I tell him and it's more of a rhetorical question,  as I help him to the kitchen, he's still crying but I think he just wants to, but then again everyone does when they're ill, you just don't feel up to anything and so you result in crying, that's what my poor boy has done.

"Haz, take off that shirt, you can have mine," He starts to take off the dirty shirt that's covered with soup and I take mine off giving it to him, we swap basically, he pulls mine over his head and stands there looking dead.

"You ok baby? Let me just put this in here," I place the shirt in the washing machine and Arch can turn it on later, right now my baby needs attention and Imma seat to him.

"Cuddle me," He mumbles and holds his arms open for me to pick him up no doubt, I gently scoop him up and he feels cold.

I take him to the couch and gently sit down, placing him on my lap, he is tired and ill and his nose is red and his eyes close as he rests against me.

"I'm cold," He mumbles and He feels so cold against me, I try to warm him up but I can't without a shirt... kinda difficult, maybe I should get one.

"Let me go get a shirt and blanket to warm you up yeah?" He looks at me with hurt eyes, they're big and bold, green illuminations, beautiful really, like the whole of him.

"Please don't go..." His eyes water up again and how can I resist that pretty sad little face, he's too cute, I have to take him with me.

"Haz, you wanna come with and we can just snuggle upstairs?" I offer and he just collapses on me, well alright, I guess he's coming too.

"Nialler..." I hear and look down as I carry Harry up the stairs slowly, "I love you," I smile down at him,

"I love you too baby, now lets get you rested and warm," I lay him on the bed and his eyes fall shut, must be tired, bless him, he really didn't sleep well, kept tossing and turning, then crying because he couldn't sleep and I had to rock him back and forth telling him it's ok if he can't sleep, I'll hold him if he needs multiple naps in the morning, well today, and so far he's taken many.

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