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Chapter three - Please

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EDITED: 20th June 2015

wrote: 25th August 2014

--over 100 reads guys! thank you, it's not much to you but it is to me and 12 votes! thanks! pls remember to vote.. I smile everytime wattpad tells me that someone's voted! Lol

Dedicated to my favourite readers...

@WhoranFeels and @Zxlouis

I love you baes! always commenting! ok imma stop talking now---

As soon as I opened my bedroom door, Gemma ran upstairs to followe me and probably ask what the fuck I'm doing.

"Harry what are you doing?!" Knew it. I pick up the poster and shove it in her face, making her stand back and take it from me, then her eyes scan over it quickly and she smiles.

"You're gonna enter for the chance to meet the boy of your dreams," I nod and she gives me the poster back when the computer has loaded fully. Stupid computers, taking forever to load.

"Well Harry I hope you win, honestly I do, you've always wanted this," she sits on my bed whilst I type my password in, I have to secure it with a password because Gemma is a snoop.

"Thanks Gem, but I'm gonna cope by myself anyway, you don't think I'm gonna win? I really want to win, but it depends who he picks," I slouch in my chair a little, I'll be so sad if he doesn't pick me. Like I really wouldn't be happy about it, what's all this competition about? I mean I really would love to spend the day with Niall! Just talking to him, getting to know him. Falling more in love with him. If that's possible.

"If you don't, not the end of the world is it Haz?" she ruffles my hair before smiling and leaving.

Not the end of the world? Not the end of the world? NOT THE END OF THE WORLD?! Yes it is!! This is my one chance to meet the guy I've liked longer than I've like myself!

Wait I hate myself. I'm such a whimp, I'm not good at anything, my mum and dad work away literally all the time. I've never kissed anyone, never really hugged anyone else but Gemma and my pillow. Never had sex. I'm twenty, by now I should of done a lot. But no, I'm just the fag who lives down the road. I dont even have a car. I have to walk everywhere!

I've never experienced love. No one's ever loved me. I've never loved anyone.

I get bullied verbally.

In fact, this would change my life if I won this competition! I need to! It's no longer a case of want to. It might buy me some respect!

Or not.

Please let me win, it's literally all I want, and 5sos tickets but that's easy, I can get that for their tour some time, maybe next year. I dunno.

I look at the online entry form. Good no pictures! That's another fault with myself, I'm ugly and no one wants me.

Stop down grading yourself now Harry. It's not good for you.

That's what Gemma tells me but I don't believe her, I don't believe anyone.

The online entry says, name, ok easy enough, Harry Styles.

Ok what's next, I scroll through the easy step by step entry form.

Until the last question.

"How much do you want to spend the day with Niall? (Answering is optional)" I decide that answering this would get me noticed,

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