chapter 25 - Dont Fuck with My Love.

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Niall's lips continue to move sinfully over mine along with his hips. Them hips will be the death of me ok? Seriously.

He groans when I bite on his bottoms lip muffling a caused by dem hips.

We're both almost naked anyway so this is handy. Are we gonna like even make it to the shower? I dont know, to be honest, I dont care, I'm f*cking Niall Horan and you're not, be jelly bitches.

I can feel the tent in his boxers as he slowly grinds against me, the best noises leaving his mouth, he kisses down my neck, sucking in a certain spot that sends shivers down my spine. This is how I like it to be. Pure lust and love. I think this time.. I just let him f*ck me. I'd really like that.

It was more effort than expected to ride him, like seriously.

His lips keep sucking at spots on my neck making me groan and just want more.

His hips are still moving slowly and it's deathening. Yeah that's now a word. Deal with it.

He slowly starts to kiss down my chest and please.. please.. please bl.ow me. Please, or just a hand job. I'm good with that too to be honest.

He stops at my nipple and sucks, and I never knew that would be pleasurable. But it is. Surprisingly.

I gasp when he reaches my very faint v-line. Unlike his where it stands out so much. Wow.

He licks along it and now I just want his mouth around my Is that too much to ask Niall? Please?

"N-Niall stop t-teasing me," I whine as he slowly, too slowly, pulls down my boxers freeing my aching-for-his-mouth

"Oh. Sorry," he sasses and then kitten licks my tip sending a shock of pleasure up my spine, f*ck that feels good. Do it again. I silently plead but its like he hears me as he licks me again and again, before I'm like so hard it's illegal.

"F-F*ck," I whisper.

"You can be as loud as you want remember," he says before sucking on my tip fully and completely, he moans around me and my eyes roll to the back of my head in pleasure, because that's all I feel.

Nothing can compare to these moments, the moments where we really show each other how much he really loves me. I believe him when he says it. And I hope he believes me.

"M-more please," I beg and he smirks before lightly sucking on me and then leaves me alone.


Is he f*cking with me? Well hopefully he will be. Now is not the time for jokes.

I look around and he must have gone to get the I still feel awkward saying it.

I trail my hand down to my, might as well w.ank while I'm waiting.

"Hey! As hot as that it.. stop it," Niall moves my hand away just before I feel close.

"Whyyyyyy?" I whine and he shakes his head.

"I'm pleasuring you, not you doing you," he complains and I can't take him seriously when he's standing there with a b.oner the size of Mexico and pout on his face.

"Just f*ck me for gods sake."

"My pleasure!" he laughs before I can't see him anymore and suddenly I feel a cold finger press against my rim.

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