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Chapter four - Are You Serious?

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wrote : 29th august 2014

edited: 5th July 2015

Well that was an interesting news story.

I scroll slowly through tumblr in panic. Okay. Harry calm down. Archie is very similar to Niall yes, but he's... not him. Keep trying to convince yourself that.

I'm gonna try.

I'm afraid to talk to him now. He keeps sending me things like Harry pls talk to me, you heard about Niall?

I just ignore him. Rude I know but a little bit of care for him trying to get through to me. He's almost as ignored as the white crayon in every pack. We don't need them. Why do they exist? Don't answer that.

Archie keeps trying to talk to me by saying stuff like;

hey.. where'd you go? I didn't mean to scare you off :(

...and stuff that like. I try to connect the dots in my head by who Archie is and who Niall is afflicted with.

Then it suddenly hits me, everything I know about Niall floods my mind.

Niall has four best friends; Zayn; Louis; Liam and Archie.

But Archie is his assistant, Archie isn't a boy, Archie's a girl! OH EM GEE

"Holy shit!" I say out loud and Gemma runs through with a worried facial expression.

"Fuck! What?!" she says and I smile.

"Nothing, just had an epiphany," she shrugs and walks back through the door to the kitchen and I finally answer 'The boy Archie'

you're not a boy, Archie Jeffera... :)

I feel proud of myself, but I will so embarrassed if it's really not Archie Jeffera, Niall's assistant.

Who's Archie Jeffera?


Dont lie to me, I know it's Archie Jefferetta, I know it is. Well I may have spelt her name wrong. Yikes.

Sorry, Archie Jefferetta, my bad. Skype me,
Harry_styles :)
if you're a boy.

I wait and then my phone starts to vibrate from a Skype call. I'm kinda nervous.. who is behind this call.

"Hello Harry styles, you're a smart kid," I can't believe it, Archie Jefferetta is sitting behind the camera with her perfectly white smile and brown hair that flows down curly.

"Holy shit! Wow, hi," I feel honestly star struck. Like she's associated with one of my biggest crushes ever.

"I've read your entry, for the competition and so has Niall," she informs me and I feel my heart stop, "He wants to meet you,"

"W-what?" my brain has stopped functioning correctly, please call back when I've been resurrected. Call life alert.

"Yes, Mr.Horan is very aware the winner wasn't supposed to be announced until next week but he insisted on meeting you, I made it my mission to find you, and you're a smart kid," she can't be serious.

"Oh my fucking god! Are you off your head?! Ahhhhhhhh," I cough awkwardly and she laughs, "Sorry, but when? I'm just a little star struck I can't believe I'm talking to you! Archie Jefferetta!"

"Indeed, Mr.styles, he would like to meet you tomorrow, we will pick you up around noon, be ready, goodbye," she nods her head once and I motion for her not leave yet.

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