Chapter 52 - Take aim and reload

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Whenever we're in this place, Harry turns into a five year old! It's adorable really, but he's not that cute when it comes to sexualising things.

He loves wandering around this massive place, still finding new things about it from the last time we were here, he's mad because I'm not in pain. I find it cute that he scowls at me sometimes just because I'm not in pain.

"Ni.. can we buy this little dolphin toy?" He holds up this little dolphin toy in this shop we're in, don't remember walking in here but ok, we're here now.

"How much is it?" I sigh as he is doing his puppy dog eyes and they are so cute it kills me inside.

He mutters a price and I don't quite catch it.

"You what?"

"$18." He says and I shake my head. I'm not paying that for a dolphin toy. He looks at me so disheartened because I've told him he can't have the dolphin.

"Please.." he whimpers holding the toy up to my face.

"No Harry, I said you can't have it." He puts it back on the shelf and looks down at the floor. He's stropping over this.

We both walk out with Harry leading the way and me in tow. He reaches round to take my hand but I pull mine away. He stares at me with a heartbroken look.

"W-why are you being so mean?" His voice cracks and I shrug. He looks upset and I don't know why.

"You're being so rude to me.." He whispers loud enough for just me to hear. And am I?

"Am I?" He nods and I shrug again, advancing to wherever we were going.

"I don't want to be out with you if you're going to behave this way." He attempts to sound strong but I know he's just trying.

"Then don't?" I just say as if it's totally obvious because it is, he chooses to be seen with me.

"Y-you're being horrible.." He looks down at the floor and pushes gravel around with his toe of his shoes. He sniffs and I shake my head and walk away.


I look back up and he's walking away from me. What's going on? I feel tears form in my eyes and I don't wanna cry here. So I head back to the hotel and make my way through reception. The receptionist gives me a warm smile and I return it as best I can.

I walk up the stairs to our room level and start to cry. Niall's words still play in my head, why was he being that rude to me? I surely didn't deserve that?

I open the door and shut it behind me falling on the bed and crying hard into the pillow. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore. Maybe he hates me, maybe I ask for things too often? Maybe I'm ugly and he doesn't want to be seen with me.

I think of all the worst possible outcomes for the reason for his outburst as I cry and it just makes me cry more, it's not fair. I love Niall, but I'm frightened he doesn't love me the same, it terrifies me. Frightens me to the point of I'm beginning to get clingy? Is that what it is? Am I too clingy? Because he didn't want to hold my hand, usually he's all up for PDA, but that was low.

Where was he going? He just started to walk away from me, what did I do? Why did he leave me there? Alone? And where did he go? It's confused me so much. And it's stressful and annoying and ugh.

"Ha-haz?" A broken and panicked sounding voice says through the door and I hear heavy breathing and what sounds like sobbing.

"H-Harry? Are you I-in there? Oh God he's really gone this time, I've lost him.. he's gone, this isn't like that time, he's r-really ran away from me.." I hear somebody slide down the door and start crying hard. Really hard. Like the kind you would if your dog died.

"Niall?" I open the door and wipe my eyes and the amount of relief that floods through Niall's figure is visible.

"Oh my god.. I-I'm so sorry.. I-I-I-I.." he tries to speak but he can't due to his tears, I just wrap my arms around me as he looks different now. Before he seemed so out of it.. Wait.. Am I really that stupid? bipolar disorder.. duhhhh

"Shh, it's ok Nialler," I rub his back gently and he sobs into my shoulder.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry," he cries even more as he tries to explain, it's about eight at night now and he's tired, I'm tired, and I think he had a little bipolar attack, and I didn't think about that.

"Niall, I understand. It's ok, baby, please stop crying," he tries to stop but he can't and they just keep falling.

I walk us over to the bed and help him sit down. Grabbing him a glass of water and he takes little sips as I rub his back, calming him down.

"I-I don't know what I s-said.." He begins as he has his breath back to normal and only a few tears fall every now and then.

"Hey, hey, it's alright.. look at me Niall," his bloodshot eyes meet mine and he seems to calm down instantly.

"I'm sorry Harry, I didn't mean to say anything that I did, I'm not even sure what I did or said but I'm really sorry and I love you," he sighs and I smile at him.

"I love you too, the only thing you did that really hurt me was you wouldn't hold my hand, at all.. You pushed it away." His eyes widen in shock upon his own actions,

"Oh my god, I would always hold your hand," he takes both my hands in his and shakes his head in disbelief.

"I can't believe I did that. Well, Mr.styles, to make it up to you, how would you like to come on a romantic date with me tonight.. I know a little place we can go," my eyes must light up at that because it feels like they did.

"I would love to."

"Alright, get ready for nine Harry Styles," he kisses my cheek cheekily.. haha cheek cheekily. Wow

Well now I only have 45 minutes to prepare myself. For God's sake! Well I suppose I should get going!


Tonight's the night I... Propose.

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