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chapter 30 - we drink away the days with a take away pizza

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"Niall," a little voice speaks from where I hold him.

"Yes my baby?" He looks up at me from his lying down position with red rimmed eyes from crying and getting not much sleep. He's slept for about three hours but he cried in his sleep.

"Will you make me some toast?" His face holds a sad hurt emotion and I just nod. The boy wants toast.. I'll make him some toast.

"Alright. You coming down stairs then?" He shakes his head and I remove myself from underneath him.

"Don't hurt yourself whilst I'm gone ok? Promise me," he nods and smashes his face back down into the pillow. But all I can do is worry about him. He had a rough past and now this. I'm scared he's gonna hurt himself again.

A little tear may have escaped my eye as I thought about it but that's none of your business.

Soon enough I'm in the kitchen where Anne is making herself some toast. Maybe she can make Harry some?

"Hey Nia- are you alright dear? Where's Harry? Is he alright?!" She says trying not to sound panicked when two arms slide round my waist and a head rests on my back, I know it's Harry and I know, and so does Anne's relieved face, that he's safe.

"Are you alright Haz?"

"Yeah I got lonely by myself, so I came down to hug Niall," Harry mutters almost incoherently but it's catch-able.

"Mummy.. would you make me some toast please?" Harry asks and Anne nods, buttering the freshly made toast.

"Would you like cheese on it Harry? I know how much you love cheese," Harry nods and thanks his mother with a hug which she kindly returns, when he joins me again, on the sofa cuddling up to my side. 

Anne walks through handing Harry his cheese on toast and when he makes no effort to take it from her, I hold the plate for him as he looks at her super depressed and sad like, she smiles before leaving again to probably make her self some toast again.

"Come on Harry.  Please eat something baby," he takes a piece of the toast and nibbles at it.

"Harry.. would you like cheese and crackers instead?" I ask him knowing that's his favourite snack, he looks up at me and nods.

"Don't worry about this toast, I'll eat it," he smiles a little and stands up to go make himself some cheese and crackers.

I munch on the toast he was gonna eat and it's really good. Wow. He didn't want this? I'm so happy I took it.

Instead of what he said he was originally gonna get, he comes back with cold pizza and his eyes water up again.

"Awh Harry, you surely don't have any more tears to cry babe," he blinks a few times and bites the pizza, finishing it quickly, and I've already finished that amazing toast.

"Harry?" I wonder and I've wanted to ask him this for a really long time now and I think it might lift his spirits.

"Yeah?" His voice is low and quiet.

"Would you like to move in with me?" He looks up with a tiny glint of love back in his eyes again and I actually see a dimple.

"Really?" I move my hand to interlock with his.

"Yep, do you want to be able to wake up next to me everyday!?" I emphasise and he smiles even wider.

"Yeah! Thank you Niall! Thank you thank you thank you!" He hugs me tightly and I'm happy when he's happy.

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