chapter 27 - take aim and reload

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"Harry.. HARRY.. BABE!" I hear whisper shouts getting louder and a finger pressing into my side. Dafuq is going on?

"Waaat?" I groan and Niall is hovering above me smiling cutely.

"We have one day left Harold and you're just lying in bed! Come on get up!" He says quietly to me, but loud enough for me to hear.

"Cant we just cuddle for a few minutes so I can fully wake up?" I ask him and he rolls us both over with me on top of him, I smile as I lay my head flat against his warmth, he's so damn comfortable to lie on.

His arms wrap securely around me, tightening then loosening again.

"Sorry to wake you babe, but I didn't wanna wash away our last few hours before we have to get back on a motherfucking plane," I can hear the fear in his voice as he mentions it, poor baby he's so scared of flying.

"Thank you for facing your fear though and bringing me, I've really enjoyed it," he smiles thankfully and kisses my nose as I rest my chin in between his man boobs. Haha. Boobs.. sorry.... Not sorry. Dayum son! What you gon do?!

"You're welcome, what's been your favourite part?" He asks with a gentle smile, his eyes beaming into mine, they're so blue, like ugh. Just.. ugh. Oh yeah he asked me a question.

"Fucking you in the shower," I say without much hesitation. He laughs wholeheartedly and smiles afterwards.

His hand gently rubs over my cheek and I just love having his hand rubbing my cheek. Like nothing compares. I can't even ok? I like it when he does this whilst I'm tired and it just.. soothes me to sleep!

"I've loved having you here with me," he says before I smilingly peck his soft pink lips, rubbing my bottom lip over the lip ring that he must of put back in when he woke up.

It's a nice feeling really, it's really cool feeling.

"I love you Harry," he mutters against my lips, then I peck his one more time before looking down at him my forehead on his.

"Why?" I wonder. Seriously why love me? What's there to love.

"Because... well where do I start, Harry everything about you is just perfect and im so glad you're mine and I hope it stays that way for a while."

I'm honestly so touched by his words. He's too cute.

"I love you too," I blush a little and he makes an 'Awh' noise.

"Will you cuddle me tomorrow on the plane?" He asks and I nod.

"Of course I will, I know how scared you are and I won't ever judge you on it, everyone is scared of something baby," I watch as his cheeks flush pink, I just love to make him blush, it's really cute when his cheeks are all pink and cute.

"Stop making me blush," he whines and tries to hide his cute little face.

"Sorry, but you're so cute when you blush!" He smiles and pulls me down under him rolling us over again. He bites his lip and fuck that's hot.

"I'll show you I'm not cute.. the things imma do to you," he rasps and holy shit.. got a boner from that alone. Not even ashamed.

"Oh-oh-okay," my body is numb and there's no way I'm gonna stop him.

He slowly grinds against me and I don't think I've ever heard him say 'fuck' so beautifully, because damn, I will never be tired of hearing him moan.

And you know what happened after that... Buttbutt sexy time.


"Fuck Niall, that..." My breathing is still heavy and Nialls are short and breathless, he just nods in response to my 'sentence', because that was a great sentence.

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