Chapter 50 - don't fuck with my love

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We all know what's coming.. come on it's in the fricking title... ;)



Oh God. Help me.

Now we're on the plane. And you know what's happening. You know. You just know. Don't even try to fight me on this one. It happened last time and it's happening now.

No. We're not fucking you dirty fuckers.

Niall is panicking. Bless him. I love him to pieces but he's panicking a lot, and he needs to breathe. Luckily we're past take off. So you don't have to go through the horror of those details.

"Haz.." he breathes in slowly and deeply.

"Yeah baby?" I sigh and he looks at me with wide eyes, I know he wants to sit in my lap and who am I to deny him, especially when he looks that cute. With his blue eyes wide and glossy, his pink lips, punk style and swishy hair.

"Come on then," he moves swiftly and sits in my lap and rests his head on my shoulder.. sighing happily.

"Thanks, I feel much safer with you holding me," I kiss his head and wrap my arms around him holding him tightly because, that, that is the cutest shit ever, he will probably sleep now. Thank God. He seems to grab at my jumper, which is actually his, and nuzzle his nose on my neck and then breathe in deeply before going to sleep. That's how he always falls asleep when he uses me as a pillow. Which can be rare but he does fall asleep on me and it's so cute. He's so cute. To be honest. I'm gonna fanboy about this.

Niall Horan is actually falling asleep on me right now. And he's my boyfriend. Oh my. How did my life get to this? I'm just Harry. A sad boy without a life. All he had was a tumblr blog. And now Niall Horan is asleep on me. Cuddling me whilst we're on our way to Disney world and we're probably going to fuck and it's been awhile since I've had a real good orgasm take over my body. I need it.

But I guess I have to wait. Might as well sleep.


'Ni.. baby wake up...' I sigh and open my eyes revealing Harry, all covered in blood and both his wrists slit open.

'H-haz?" My eyes blur over and he smiles with his teeth showing, but the pain in his eyes isn't inevitable to identify and the tears pouring fast down his cheeks.

'Is this what you wanted?!' He practically screams at me. I shake my head and try to grasp for him but he seems to move further away from me every time I reach out. He's more than a fingertip touch away.

'N-no,' I sob and his eyes burn up rapidly. Staring deep into my soul. The colour draining from his face due to excessive blood loss. He eventually loses all function and that's it.

'Harry!' I shout and try to grab at the falling boy but it's too late.. it's over. He's gone.

"NIALL!" I hear panicked screams mixed with a crying voice. My senses kick in and I'm crying and breathing heavy, "Niall.. baby," Harry pulls me to his chest and the shock finally leaves my body and I sob relentlessly into him.

"Shhh, it's ok.. it was just a bad dream.. do you wanna t-talk about it?" Harry's voice sounds hoarse, I look up and he has tear stains.

"Y-yeah.. were you crying?" I ask and sit up, wiping under his eye as he does mine.

"You scared me... You started to scream 'no no Harry don't go' and I was sat right here holding you and trying to wake you up," his voice cracks and more tears escape my eyes as I remember the harsh dream that seemed so real.

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