Chapter Six - He said don't you worry If I disappear

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wrote: september 1st 2014

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"What would you like to drink? Hot chocolate? Tea? Coffee?" Niall offers kindly with a smile reaching into the cupboard, and it flashes his back tattoo, fuck I wanna touch it and I stay as close as it is comfortable for him, as to restrain myself from touching his tattoos, and because I'm so fucking scared.

"Umm, hot chocolate sounds n-nice," I curse mentally for still being nervous around Niall, and it might not be dark but I'm scared. Suddenly Archie appears in very causal clothes and she is so pretty. Her hair is actually down, she is wearing jeans and a white tank top instead of her usual suit, but her glasses have changed to red square ones.

"Ah Harry, hi!" she says and smiles.

"Hey Archie," I'm just being polite.

"Arch.. I need you to make sure that Zayn can make that meeting next week, said he had things with Perrie or something, but I want him there," Niall says and the kettle has boiled and he fills up my cup and hands it to me, he takes his own and I follow him back to the couch and sit down, Archie sits on the smaller sofa and makes herself comfortable.

"So Niall, what would you like do now?" I ask him and sip my drink, that's really nice actually.

"Up to you Haz," he says and then blushes, wait Niall- the one with tattoos and and lip piercing- just blushed. He isn't as intimidating as he comes across.

"Did you just call me Haz?" I ask and it only seems to make him blush even more and he awkwardly nods and then sips his drink.

"I did, so Haz what do you wanna do?" he puts his cup on the coffee table and I do the same sitting back in my spot.

"Hide and seek? You have a big house," Niall laughs at my stupid suggestion, "Never mind that was stupid, let's not, it wouldn't be fun with just two peop- "

"Hey who said I wouldn't play!" Archie laughs and stares at me with a playful smirk.

"Harry, we can play hide and seek if you want to! My house is huge. Plenty of places to hide, I'll count, you two to hide, wherever!" he says and covers his eyes beginning to count. I make a run for upstairs and Archie heads off somewhere else.

I wander round the big upstairs area and open the first door I come to, it's a large wooden door with oak frames. All this must have been expensive! But he has lots of money, so that's fine for him.

I open the door slowly and it creeks a little, I poke my head round the door. It must be Nialls room, I walk through into the room and the room is big with white creamy walls and a big bed in the middle with snacks on it, why are there snacks? Haha What? There's a few different snacks, like from America.. he likes peanut butter cups? Damn those are the shit! I fucking love them! I'm so happy they finally sell them in Britain! Like yassssss. Ooo white boy thing again.

I look at the bedside table which has pictures on, there's one of Niall and his team mates. Then one of him and a man.. I wonder who that is? They look very similar? Like his identical brother or something. I run my finger down the frame, it has pretty spirals on it and it's golden colour really complements the purple bed sheets-

"I see you've found my room," I drop the frame and it smashes everywhere. Shit.

"Oh my god! Niall I am so so so sorry! Oh I was.. I was.. I'm sorry," he shakes his head but looks slightly disappointed.

He picks up the little pieces of glass with me and I cut my finger on one.

"Oh, I'll go get my first aid kit.. I won't disappear," he smiles and leaves me to sit in his room. I look at the smashed up frame and wonder who the man is.

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