Chapter 16 - Maybe you could swing by my room around 10

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Wrote : 24th September 2014

Edited: 14th September 2015

"Niall?" I ask as I play with his fingers, sitting on his lap as he wraps an arm round me lazily and I have the other hand, playing with his fingers. We're watching some show and gemma is on the phone in the kitchen to mum and dad.

"Yes beautiful?"

"Can you teach me how to play the guitar?" I ask and he kisses my head.

"Sure can, if you want,"

"I do want," I yawn and it's like eleven o'clock, I never get tired this early.

"Tired babe?" He asks and I nod resting my head back against his shoulder.

He kisses my cheek and I smile and he pokes my dimple. He has a small obsession with them, he always pokes them. Then a nose kiss, nose kiss like number.. 4? Yeah, I don't get why he always kisses my nose. It's cute yeah, but I like my nose to myself. He also always kisses me. It's like an addiction and I'm the drug. Well if you insist,*flips ridiculously long hair* thanks guys, you're awesome! *winks*

Yeah sorry I'll stop now.

"Hey you have a music channel?!" Niall says like it's amazing... not really that cool love but ok.

"Yeah," Then he fucking clicks it. And fucking call me fucking maybe is fucking on. As you can possibly tell.. I don't like that fucking song!

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my number, so call me maybe?" Niall sings along and ugh.. make it stop, not Niall, he can sing like an angel, but fucking Carly Rae Jepson! MAKE HER STOP.

"I have a game sooooooon," Niall drags out and tickles my side's.

"No!!! Stop tick-tickling me!" I laugh and he doesn't stop and keeps moving his fingers and talking to me.

"But you're so cute when you laugh!" He says like he's not murdering my sides.

"S-stop!!" I cry out and he stops kissing my forehead. Hovering above me as he connects our lips.

"Hey! No sex on the couch!" Gemma comes in and laughs with me when Niall blushes and rolls off me.

"I'm kidding, but not here, frickle frackle somewhere else!" She says and makes a disgusted face.

"I bet you have," she says and Niall raises an eyebrow and I nod knowing where he's coming from.

"Yeah we did, and Harry moaned so loud that it woke the neighbours" I strifle a laugh and gemma makes gagging noises.

"Niall made a funny noise when he came," It's a true statement. He scowls at me knowing it's true, "but it was cute," I reassure him and he shakes his head still blushing a little.

"Alright that's enough! Harry and Niall,  go to Harry's room!" Gemma says and gags.

I laugh and Niall runs off to my room

"Dont worry.. we ain't frickle frackled," I tell her and she nods and smiles.

"I know, he's a good boy, he'll take care of you. I know it," she says and I'm not sure she remembers what he did to me?

"Do you not recall the two days I was crying non stop?" She laughs and pushes me towards the stairs where I walk slowly up them and find Niall shirtless on my bed in my room.

"What you doing?" I ask and stare at him because I can.

"Chillin', come cuddle me?" I walk over to Niall.. my Boyfriend, and he pulls me on to his chest where it's nice and warm and I like it here.

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