Chapter 19 - baby if you wanted me then you should of just said

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"Harry, wake up lazy ass," Niall patted my back lightly and I groan, I don't want to get up. We took a nap! I like naps.

"No!" I reply like a baby would.

"Harry.. get up or no kisses for you," Niall warns and I sit up pressing a soft kiss to his lips in which he smiles once it's over. I lay back down and he groans.

"Harry get up, or you'll never be able to sleep tonight!!" What's the big hurry?

"Niall why do you want me up so much?"

"I was getting bored of me just cuddling you and you not cuddling me back and I wanted I kisses and cuddles from my boyfriend, is that too much to ask Harold?!" Niall sasses me, like proper sass, sass is my thing! Asshole!

"Well now I'm awake! Aww how could I resist cuddles with my adorable boyfriend?!" I coo and he smiles cutely before I lean down and give him a little eskimo kiss.

"You're so fucking cute," Niall growls almost and rolls us over so he's on top of me, then he starts to tickle me, oh god no.

"No!!! Nialler!" I complain and laugh loudly as I don't enjoy being tickled.

"What?" I feel like I'm gonna start crying.

I might just to make him stop.

"Stop!" I dont think I'm gonna have to try and cry, it's just gonna happen, then it does. Why do I cry? Because I don't like the feeling of being tickled.

"Harry what's wrong?" Niall asks me as I softly cry to myself for no real reason at all.

"I-I don't like b-being tickled!" I wail loudly and for a sec I think Niall is gonna start laughing and call me pathetic but instead he rolls us back over and cuddles me saying sorry.

This is why I love Niall.

"What don't you like about it?" He asks me softly and kisses my head.

"I don't like it when someone touches my side.. I don't know, I don't like the feeling of it," I shudder thinking of it and Niall just strokes my hair in a loving way.

"I'm sorry, you said stop and I didn't listen," he says practically scolding himself.

"No no, it's not your fault! I'm just a big baby who can't handle being tickled," I explain and he shakes his head smiling.

"You'll always be my little baby boy," Niall reminds me kisses my cheek and then my forehead.

"I have a strange urge to fuck you," Niall suddenly says and I scowl.

"What the actual fuck Niall," he just laid underneath me and nodded.

"Nope," I simply say and he pouts.

"Well fine if you're not ready," he sighs and pulls me back down hugging me tightly.

"I would never force you into anything babe," he kisses my head and aww that's cute, at least he wouldn't. I think. I hope. I kinda hope.

"Really?" He nods and I lean down and peck his lips.

He just stares up at me cutely for a while with a little smile on his face, and I can see his swirly tattoos poking out from underneath me where I lie on top of him.

"Would you let me fuck you though?"

"Oh for fucks sake Niall!" He laughs then looks at me seriously again. He actually wants an answer. What.. umm..

"Hell yeah!" I burst out not even embarrassed by myself anymore when I'm around him, he just laughs and looks hella cute.

"Would you ride me?" He asks and I feel his legs jiggle a little as I sit up and nod.

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