Chapter Eleven - But I Gave Him My time For Two Or Three Nights

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wrote: 7th September 2014

edited: 27th July 2015

I don't think I've ever slept so well in my entire life. Wow. I wake up before Niall and I take that opportunity to cuddle him more as he's already wrapped himself around me, I'm like cocooned in a Niall and blanket. He's wrapped himself around me. Like his legs are fully round my body. It's nice cos he's warm and still smells good.

Eventually I get a little bored of staring at his face, I know. I got bored of staring at his face! Wow. Never thought I'd say that, so I poke him gently on the cheek, he has cute squishy cheeks, and I love to poke them.

He groans and fuck it's like the sexiest noise I've ever heard. I wonder what his moans sound like? All deep and Irish.

"Niall, get up, I'm bored," he nuzzels his face into my neck even more and his hair tickles me.

"I don't wanna," his morning voice is sex ok. I just wanna ugh. I can't even.

"You have to, or no cuddles for Nibear!" I gently poke the dimple on his left cheek, it only appears every now and then but it's out now.

"Nibear?" he laughs and I blush, "It's cute.. like you," I roll my eyes and tap his nose.

"Oh stop it you!" he laughs and rolls on to his back pulling me on to his chest.

It's rather annoying that the fact I'm with Niall Horan and he must like me hasn't hit me like a ton of bricks yet, it'll probably hit me later. More like a truck filled with a ton of bricks.

I rest my chin on his chest as he looks down at me. He's searching my eyes for something and I wonder if I have something on my face.

"Is there something on my face?" I ask and feel around it.

"No," he says and I'm thankful, yesterday was just the best possible day of my life and he kissed me. Like three times! Oh my fucking god, it might of just hit me.

I look at Niall and he's staring at me. Quite intently.

"What you thinking about?" I ask him as he continues to stare at me.. kinda lovingly? With admiration in his eyes.

"Can I kiss you again?" he says with a slight smile playing on those perfect lips that I kiss wanna grab and mush my lips on his, woah. sorry. Getting out of hand there, I smile and nod. Why does he always ask? He doesn't have to! He can just do it whenever.

"You don't have to ask you know?" I say and he laughs then presses our lips together, kissing softly and perfectly and it's everything I've ever wanted. I mean come on, we hold hands, cuddle and kiss, who doesn't want that.

His lips are still soft from yesterday and I love that they are, I follow his lead and then he licks along my bottom lip, I open my mouth and his tongue darts in, Oh my god we're fucking snogging! If I could scream right now, I totally would, but way to ruin the moment.

As I think he's gonna stop kissing me, he pulls on my bottom lip and then sucks it back in and goes in for another kiss. This. Is. Awesome.

You don't even know! I can't even right now. I, Harry styles, pathetic whimpy kid who has never had anyone kiss him before, is snogging with Niall Horan. Famous football player, whilst cuddling in his bed, in his house and then pulls away smiling.

I gasp and breath in oxygen finally, but that was.. like if we're gonna make out might as well fuck, am I right?!

"Sorry, got a little carried away there," he laughs and strokes my hair out my eyes, and off my forehead.

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