chapter 26 - I told him he knows

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"Harry love.. we only have a week left.. how sucky is that?" I stress and he is still in slight pain from our little session a few nights ago.

"Y-yeah that's nice.." he groans and poor thing, I pull him carefully on to me and lay him across my chest, he rests his head of curls down on me and tries to relax a little.

"I'm sorry I hurt you baby," I say sadly and I really am sorry, every time I hurt him I feel a tiny bit of me being consumed by guilt.

"It's fine... I'm fine," he groans again and I rub his back gently. It's really early this morning. Around 6:30.. Harry woke up at 5 crying in pain.. I couldn't help but feel really guilty about it, no matter how often he says he's fine.

"You're not, look me in the eyes and tell me you're fine," he sits up and a pained expression spreads throughout his perfect features.

His green eyes pour into mine and I can see them glossing over.

"I-I.. I'm," his bottom lip pouts as he holds back tears and I pull him back against me where he breaks down in tears sobbing over and over that it hurts and he wants it to stop, I want it to stop for him too.

"Shhh baby, shhh," he continues to sob into my shoulder.

"As good as it was.. I-it fucking hurts now!" He almost shouts but keeps his voice down. I chuckle a little because he's just so right.

"Awww I know.." I try to give my best sympathy because I'm pretty shit at sympathy, but when it comes to Harry, I just cuddle him and he's alright.

We lay there together for a while, me just stroking his back and relaxing his muscles, his eyes drooping at these early hours, it is rather early, but he can't help it, poor thing.

"Go back to sleep if you're tired.. we don't usually get up so early babe," he gives a tired nod and basically just sleeps, like a click of some fingers, he's out like a light.

His body falls flaccid against me and he snuggles his head into my neck making me quietly laugh at the soft curls tickling my sensitive skin.

I wrap my arms around his small waist and pull him closer.

Just looking at him, I can't believe he's mine. I really can't. I get to wake up to that cute little face everyday and just enjoy being with him all the time. Sometimes he goes back home and sometimes he stays with me. Usually stays with me though, he enjoys my house for some reason.

I mean I like having him there with me, it's nicer sharing such a big house with someone.. maybe I should ask him to move in with me because he stays with me a lot.. and if it was all the time.. yeah! I'd like that.

What do you guys think? Should I ask Harry?

Well who gives a shit about your opinion, I just want him to permanently cuddle me all day and through the night.

His phone vibrates and I lift the screen to see it's Twitter and Tumblr. Tumblr is a creepy place. But he really enjoys it.

I look at the Twitter and leave his tumblr to him, he can look at what creepy shit there is on there.

The Twitter is kinda like mine now. People following and spamming him for follows all because he has a connection to me.

I take a quick picture and tag Harry in it, it's Harry lying flat against me with his arms wrapped around me tightly.

'#lovethisboy @NiallOfficial'

I tag myself in it and press the send button. As soon as it's gone, people fave and retweet it, commenting cute things and then there's the hate, which I know Harry doesn't like.

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