chapter 28 - I don't wanna know that babe

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"Niall please stop fretting," I tell him as he is awake at 1 am, why won't he sleep?!

"I-I'm sorry, I'll go to sleep," he turns away from me and I sigh, I envelope myself around his larger body and kiss his neck softly.

"Look, it's alright that you're panicking about it. It's one of your massive fears, but please Nialler try to sleep a little bit," he turns slowly and let's out a sleepy sigh and a smile.

"I'll blow you to sleep if you want?" I offer and his eyes literally light up.

"Really?!" I nod and disappear into the blankets, Niall gasping and moaning loudly to my sweet actions because I am so damn good at this now. I don't mean to toot my own horn here but... Toots ma coots.

"Fuck Harry," he moans rather loudly in particular before he comes so hard he has to be really tired now.

"Are you gonna sleep now?" I travel back up the bed and he nods, looking a lot more relaxed and sleepy, I knew that would work.

"Love you Harry, thank you," he whispers and lays on me. Actually on me. The last time he did this was when he had a bad cold.

Soon enough he's flat out. Finally. Time for me to get some sleep. Bye bye!


"Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry," Niall chants me awake and he's biting his nails and looking super scared.

"Babe, you need to relax, come on and get dressed," I groan because it's too early Nialler...

"Ok, but only because we'll miss the flight home If I don't," his voice is shaking and that's really cute.

"It's ok baby," he smiles a little bit and I sit up facing him with my legs over his, he pulls me closer so I'm sat on his hips with my head on his collar bone, his arms wrapped tightly around me.

"Will you call me baby the entire time?" I nod and he squeezes me that little bit tighter.

"Lets get ready to go then," I tell him and feel his heart beat increase rapidly.


Niall's grip on my hand is tightening as we walk up the plane stairs, he has been breathing funny all morning and as we sat in the airport he clung on to me for dear life, when people asked for a photo he tried to but then this one fan was like 'you and Niall.. you're scared' and instead he gave her a hug and his autograph.

"Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry," Niall panics again and holds me tighter as he just wraps his entire self around me now.

I still walk on to the plane and sit down with Niall in my lap.

"Niall... Baby, relax," I try but he's shaking so much, bless him.

"O-ok," he takes a deep breath and he's still shaking, instead I wrap my arms round him tightly and securely, and I never thought it would but it actually makes him stop shaking a little bit, "please hold me tighter," he says quietly and I stroke his head with his head pushed into my neck.

And suddenly I feel the plane start to move and I distract him the best I can.

"Ok.. you're gonna sleep when we're flying aren't you? And I'm gonna cuddle you for the entire time," then suddenly he tenses as the plane picks up speed ready to take off and he whimpers, that was one of the cutest noises I've ever heard.

"And then guess what! When we're home..." He looks up at me shaking again.

"I'm gonna cuddle you sooo much for being my big brave boy," he tries to smile but instead just collapses on me again and I'm gripped tightly when the plane takes off ground.

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