Chapter 43 - Wish I'd have written it down the way that things played out

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Another night has slowly passed by, I did get myself clean yesterday after Archie had told me to, then she said her get well soon's and wished Harry all the best and left me alone with my boy once again.

He's so still and calm right now, he still looks the beautiful boy that I stupidly left three months ago, what possessed me to break his heart? Nothing really, just a misunderstanding and somebody being a dick, which just wasn't fair or needed at the time, we were so happy and in love and I want that back, my mind wants it back, not just my heart and the head is always convinced otherwise to what your heart actually wants, but not mine. It knows.

Yesterday, Zayn came back in straight after he left and told me the great news I have been kicked off the team! Wonderful! Note my sarcasm.

Harry starts to move slowly and eventually has his head laid right in the middle of my chest, right on my heart, even though it's more on the left, he's directly above it.

"I love you baby," I whisper to him and softly kiss his head.

There's a knock on the door showing it's probably the nurse.

"Hello! Good morning, how are you feeling Niall?" I sigh and she smiles kindly to remind me that Harry is gonna be ok, he's gonna be just fine, I can feel his heart beating and that's all that matters right now.

"I'm feeling alright. Kinda fresh," I tell her and she nods and continues about her daily routine of coming in here and checking Harry's pulse.

"Alright Niall, I have some news, Harry could wake up, soon, because his mental state is brilliant again, it's calm and collected, but his bodily state isn't, he's still very weak and could possibly be very tired when he wakes up, so we'll need you to stay very calm with him until he's fully awake," Harry's gonna wake up? This is the best news I've ever received if I'm honest.

"Yeah! Yeah! I'll stay calm, I promise, when do you think he will wake up?" I ask really needing to know the answer.

"Well, I cannot predict that for you unfortunately, I'm not a psychic, but he can hear everything you say to him on a good note! But I can tell he'll wake up soon, Niall, Ok?" I nod and she leaves again.


To say I'm extremely happy with that news is an understatement. I'm so over the moon, he's gonna wake up!

I've never heard better news, this is better than the time I was told I was getting a puppy, better than becoming a footballer, better than celebrating my birthday, goals, and getting a puppy! Nothing is as important as Harry to me, and puppies are pretty damn important. I love puppies to be fair.

Harry can hear everything I say to him? Hmmmm.

"Harry, baby, I know you can't respond but you seem a little restless, so I'm gonna talk to you, it seems to keep you calm. I'm just so happy you're alive, I'm happy that I could call you mine, you are everything to me and I just want to hold you again, and tell you I love you instead of I hate you, I don't hate you, I don't know why I ever said that to you, you're just so likeable and cute and cuddly," I am very much aware I'm rambling, "you're damn right perfect that's one thing for sure, you're the most beautiful boy I've ever seen, no lie, I love you so much, please wake up, I'd do anything to look into those green eyes and watch the way your pupils enlarge whenever you see me, whenever you're around me they go so huge it makes me feel like they're gonna pop out your eyes! I miss your smile, how you'd always wake me up with little mumbles of my name, I miss our tickle fights and slap fights, and I miss our cuddles, and showers together and Disney World, that was such a brilliant holiday. I loved every minute spending it with you, you're just amazing Harry Styles, and I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you, breaking up with you was the worst decision I've ever made, I wasn't listening to you and I should have!" he's so calm right now, it's beautiful. He's beautiful.

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