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chapter 32 - now he's staying at my place and loves the way I treat him

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It's been two whole weeks living with Harry with me and honestly, it's been brilliant! Harry has been great except for a few times he's been a little rude, and we have bickered, but other times have been great! The other day Archie told us to be quieter when we fuck.

Interesting stuff here guys.

Right now, Harry is sprawled out across me, still super upset about his dad, little sniffles and whimpers falling past his lips every now and then, his head on my chest, where he seems to be a lot, his hair a mess, he hasn't brushed it properly in weeks.

"Harry, why don't you go to bed?" I ask him and wrap my arms around him a little bit tighter.

"Will you take me?" He asks quietly and I sit up, him doing the same, I stand up and let him crawl on to my back, his head resting on my shoulder, but that ain't gonna work, so I place him back down he smiles tiredly at me as I effortlessly lift him into my arms, his head on my shoulder.

As I walk up the stairs, Archie comes out her room, and looks at Harry smiling softly.

"Is he ok?"

"Still struggling with his dads passing," I explain gently so it isn't so stern and bold about his father's death to Harry, it sets him off ,and he breaks into hysterics, and it'd really awful seeing him so upset and he tries to talk but you just get those mumbles from him, from when you cry.

Archie nods and heads down the stairs as I open my door with my foot and walk in there, laying Harry gently down on the bed.

It is rather late- being like- ten at night, he gets tired early recently, but it's ok, because I just take care of him.

"I can get dressed Niall.. I'm gonna take a shower," Harry sits up and I nod. I let him hug me for a few seconds and then he disappears into the bathroom.

I wait until I can hear the water running and then I'm sure he's in the shower. Good. He's ok.

I hope he doesn't harm himself in there. I put my razor blades on the highest shelf in there so he can't get any ideas, but if he was ever to reach one, which I don't think he can, I think I'd cry if he hurt himself again, it's making my eyes fill up now as I think of what he did in Disney world.. his stomach is still scared and now Hercules and Archie are both staring at me weirdly as I'm actually sat here with tears in my eyes.. wait when did I even get downstairs?

"You ok Nialler?"

"I'm just worried Harry's gonna hurt himself.. like he did in Disney world, he cut his stomach Arch." I blink away my tears brimming in my eyes and Hercules jumps on my knee, he's grown a bit since I first had him, Archie has been taking good care of him whilst I've been gone.

The little dogs licks at my nose cutely like he knows I'm sad.

"Hey little guy.. you ok?" I ask the dog. Even though he can't talk back, sometimes I wish he could.. but then again.. he knows too much, way too much to be honest. Wow. I tell my dog a lot of things.

"Harry will be fine Niall.. you know he will, he's got you for now, so you know he'll be fine, and if he's not, he'll tell you," Archie says with the TV playing Kim Kardashian yelling at Khloe for some stupid reason quietly in the background.

"I hope so.. he really isn't good at dealing with this sort of thing alone.. he really isn't," Archie moves to sit by me sighing as she does.

"But he has you, think about this.. he has stopped your bipolar disorder, pretty much completely, just by being here, hasn't he?" I nod in response, knowing that being how she is, she isn't done, "and you also know that when something isn't right with him.. he comes straight to you," I nod again.

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