Chapter 37 - but me and him we make money the same way

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"Thank you Coach dude!" I yell to the nice man who dropped me off home after I helped him wash the footie kits, ready for the big game Niall and Zayn both have.

But you know what's unexpected? Walking in and finding Niall crying on the floor, literally fucking sobbing, bruh, you iight?

"Nialler? What are you doing on the floor? Where's Zayn? And Harry? What is happening here!? I leave for like two hours and I come home and you're crying?" He looks at me with a very broken expression, I still have no clue what the actual fuck is going on here, "Niall, I'm not a mind reader babe," He sobs even more at the name, I always call him, always.

"It-It, I.." He stands up but just falls back down again, wow, what happened to him?

"Shhh, come and sit down, I'll get you a tissue to clean you up, calm yourself dear," He nods as I help him to the couch to sit down, I sit next to him and grab him the box of tissues and he wipes his eyes and nose with one, sniffling afterwards, "are you going to tell me what's wrong sweety?"

"H-harry and Zayn... w-were k-kissing... right here," He begins and why don't I find that surprising? Because I told Niall multiple times! But I'm not gonna yell 'I told you so!!' because he's really upset and he needs me right now.

"What did you do?" I ask him and he looks down ashamed.

"I didn't listen to Harry, I yelled at him and he cried a-and I cried and I kicked Zayn out and I shouldn't of not listened to Harry, And I told him that he was my first and h-he looked so taken aback and t-then I kicked him out! I broke up with the love of m-my life! And now I, I don't know what to do Arch.. h-help me please," He crashes his head down on to my boobs, well alright, I gently stroke his hair as he sounds so upset, but I'm glad he finally told Harry that he was his first time, I don't know why he kept it from him.

"It'll be ok, I'm sure Harry wasn't purposely kissing Zayn, I've seen the way Harry looks at you, and it's with so much love, he would never dream of hurting you Niall... You're right though, you should of listened to him," I explain gently and he keeps sniffing and nodding.

"Please cuddle me whilst I cry," He complains and who am I to turn him down? Bless him, he's never really faced heartbreak, but I can see this is really gonna hurt him... He really loved Harry... A lot.

*One week later*

I can't get Niall out his room and honestly, it's worrying me, a lot, He won't come out of there, and I swear he hasn't bathed in a couple days. I've even sent Hercules in there but Niall just tells him to get out, I'm worried his depression is back, and his bipolar disorder.

I'm afraid he's hurting himself.

It scares me so much to think of Niall hurting himself again.

Not after all that drama with Louis back in the days.

Imma try get him to eat some soup, last time he just started crying and whispering that 'Harry loved soup'.

"Niall?" I knock on the door and push it open, it's pitch black in here.

I hear a shaky 'Yeah?' And proceed to enter his room, walking to his bed.

"What do you want?" He asks me and sniffs again, he doesn't stop crying either and it's hurting him a lot, "my heart hurts Archie," He feels betrayed. I just know it.

"I know darling, but will you eat something for me? Please?" I really want him to eat something, anything, at all, it can be a grape, a single grape for all I care, Just some solid item entering his digestive passage.

"Why? So I can just cry it all away again?" he's depressed.

"Let me see your wrists Niall," He leans over and turns the lamp on, I gasp as I take in his appearance of baggy eyes, which aren't even blue anymore.. just sorta, grey and his unwashed gross hair, his tear stained cheeks that are as cold as ever. He lifts his arms up and there's nothing, oh. waiiiiiittttttt.

"See?!" he sasses but I can see his hidden pain.

"Thighs and stomach," his eyes drop down ashamedly, "You know I won't be mad, just let me see," He sighs and pushes the blankets off him to reveal a pair of joggers but he stomach is red raw and it brings tears to my eyes, he pushes off his joggers and his thighs are even worse, he starts to cry again and whispers he's sorry over and over.

"Hey, hey it's alright, I promise, come here," I tuck him under my arm and he bursts out in tears sobbing uncontrollably into my shoulder. Poor boy. I hope he gets better, or gets Harry back.

"I miss him!" he exclaims and I know, I know he really does miss Harry's company, he probably won't get over him for a very long time to be honest.

"Why don't we get you cleaned up? Wash your face and hair.... Let me clean up your stomach and thighs at least..." he gives me an unsure look, "please."

"OK," he sits up and I get off his bed, my shirt is now soaked from his tears hitting it but, I don't care, he's extremely upset, he lost Harry, the only person I've ever seen him truly look at with love evident in his eyes.

I help him to his unused feet and walk him to the bathroom, setting him down on the toilet seat and running the bath, In the sink lies the blade... more tears fill my eyes as I look at the sink and blade and NIall... who looks so depressed, literally nothing would make him smile almost, kinda like the only thing that would make him smile is Harry... and now the young bouncy lad is gone and Niall is depressed again.

"Why didn't you tell me you were sad? I would of brought you your old medication, that seemed to help you back then..." he looks up at me with puffy red eyes, they're not even blue anymore.

"They didn't really, until I didn't need them anymore, because I met a lovely young boy who brightened my life, made me happy and now I ruined it, I got rid of him, I wish I could hear his voice just one more time, or see his bright smile, and hold his hand again," a single tear rolls down his cheek as he thinks about Harry, poor Niall, I really hope this gets better for him.

"Here, get in the bath.... I'll wash your hair and make sure you're clean dear," he almost tries to smile at me.

"I love you Arch," he wraps his arms round me and I hug him tightly back.

"I love you too, now get in the bath darling," he nods and I have to help him as he attempts to balance and take off his boxers but almost falls, "Niall, just lemme help you yeah?" he nods and gets the black pair, which I think are Harry's off and holds my hand as he steps into the bath.

He sits down bringing his knees to his stomach and resting his chin on the top of his knees.

He shuts his eyes and then opens them again.

"You'll be ok... I'm gonna help you ok?" he nods again, since that seems to be all the actions he can comply to, but then again I don't wanna hurt him by making him do movements.

"I hope you're right," he sighs as I start to work up a lather on my hands with shampoo.

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