chapter 24 - I dont wanna know that babe

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Harry's been trying to stay awake for an hour now. And he's not doing a good job. He said to me 'I can stay awake as long as you!' I was like bitch no you can't. He can not stay awake for as long as me. I'm like trained to do it.

His eyes keep drooping and it's the cutest shit I've ever seen.

He is physically trying to stay up but he really can't.

"You smell really nice," he says in his sleepy state, lazily smiling at me.

"Thank you," I just take his complement because he doesn't know what he's saying he's that tired.



"Can I sleep in your jumper?" He asks me, why would he want to do that? He'd be sweltering.

"Whys that?"

"Because it smell like your," he says and I nearly laugh at how bad he's speaking because wow. How tired is he? Bless him, he's too cute.

"You can just cuddle me because I smell like me," I explain, and he smiles in realisation.

"Oh yeah!" He looks up at me with a lazy smile on his face and yawns.

"You're really pretty Niall," he pokes my cheek and his eyes shut, he looks like an angel when he sleeps, but then again he always looks like an angel.

"Harry," I say and it startles him awake again.

"HeH," he says and I smile at him.

"Go to sleep lovely, you're shattered," he maneuvers himself so he's lying completely on top of me, his head right in the middle of my chest, probably listening to my heart beat.

"Night night beautiful," I gently rub his cheek and take my hand away.

But he blindly searches for my hand and puts it back on his cheek.

"No one said stop," he says and I laugh quietly rubbing his cheek as he finally drifts off to sleep.

His phone lights up on the bedside table and I pick it up to see Gemma is calling.

"Hey Gemma," I answer keeping my voice low.

"Hi, where's Harry? It's not late is it?" She asks and it's not that late.

"No, I don't sleep a lot, how are you?" I wonder.

"I'm good! Archie's been around a few times and we've had coffee and a little bit of cake, how's Harry? Is he doing ok?" She does really care for her brother.

"He's doing fine, oh wait now he's moved his hand and he's holding mine," she squeals down the phone a little bit. Ow

"You have to send me pictures of this! Aww I bet it's cute, well take care of my baby brother."

"I will.. he's my baby boy," she awww and says a quick bye before the call ends.

"Goodnight baby," I hold his hand back and he sighs in his sleep.


"Nialllllleeeerrrrrrrrr," I hear and feel a lot of movement. I just ignore it.

Then a few minutes later I feel Harry's hand travel down my chest.

I grab it scaring him before he can to any further.

"Trying to grope me awake are we?" He laughs and nods before lying back down on me.

"Maybe I was, I just wanted to cuddle you whilst you're awake. It's more fun," he sighs and I wrap my arms around him even more.

"I like to cuddle you whilst I'm awake, there's no other way," he smiles and travels up me to kiss my head.

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