Chapter 48 - all over my own

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Harry showed me what pleasure really is this morning... I didn't know that was in me? That... Spot... That just makes everything seem blurry except pleasure, it's better than hand jobs and blow jobs and Harry's mouth is quite irresistible.

It was, truth be told, absolutely amazing and I don't think I've ever felt anything like that. In my life. I think I'd certainly let him top, if he wants, he doesn't have to.

"What you thinking about baby?" He questions, staring at me.

"This morning," I tell him, and he raises an eyebrow.. to him it was just a normal morning but for me.. it was a first time experience. Just like the first time we made love in Disney World. That was a magical night, I didn't think anything could compare to that, but this morning.. was a very special time for me.. Harry was so incredibly gentle with me just for me. And then when he hit that spot that he always goes on about whenever we fuck, it was like... Seven orgasms all at the same time.

"Oh.. what about it? Didn't you like it? I hurt you didn't I! Oh no.. I never meant to hurt you, I'm so sorry! I just... you wanted to try and I was gonna help you I'm so sorry Ni-" he rambles a little before I shh him with a soft kiss, hushing his mumbles and he kisses me back. "Sorry was I rambling?" He questions looking adorable as we pull away simultaneously.

"Yeah babe, you were, you didn't hurt me at all, if anything you gave me the best experience ever, I've never done that with anyone! So, it was special to me..." I go a little quiet and he smiles at me widely.

"Really? I didn't hurt you?" I shake my head and he smiles looking down with a little shy smirk.

"I'd let you top as long as it felt like that..." He looks up at me with a smirk.

"Babe, it feels ten times better when a dick rubs against your prostate.."

"My what?" A what?

"Prostate.. that's what made you feel pleasure baby," I blush because I didn't know that.

"Oh," I blush even more but now he just pouts in a 'I feel sorry for you' kinda way.

"Baby, that's alright! You tell me about lots of things I didn't know!" He explains and I feel a bit better. It's nice knowing that he's gone through the same feeling.

"Well, if it feels better than that, I'm definitely up for it," I wiggle my eyebrows at him. I tickle his sides making him giggle loudly and it's the best noise I've ever heard. I love his laugh and the way his eyes all crinkle up, it's s'cute.

"Shall we get breakfast after those magical orgasms!" Harry suggests and runs off to the closet naked and probably wanting to get some underwear, I think should get some.

I get up and walk to the closet where Harry is standing looking at everything, contemplating what to wear most likely.

"Hey there cutey," I walk behind him wrapping my arms around him and feeling rather happy with the weight he's put back on, and he seems happy with it, "I'm proud of you baby," he looks up at me and I pick us up both a pair of boxers and we both slip them on before walking to the big mirror in here and I stand behind him.

"Why are you proud?" He asks and stares at himself with shame evident in his features.

"You're beautiful and I'm proud of you for gaining all that weight again, I'm really proud of you," I kiss his temple and he blushes but keeps looking at himself then me as he stares in the mirror.

"Why can't I have a body like yours... fit and healthy.." he sighs, tears threatening to fall as he stares at himself. Then me. Covering his chest as much as his arms will allow.

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