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✿ social media- narry au ✿ by -bbyhoney
✿ social media- narry au ✿by ☁️✨🕊🏹👼🏻🧸
Harry is a famous singer and Niall is a fanboy •twitter & instagram•
loving you feels so right by horanatr
loving you feels so rightby horanatr
Niall's life was seemingly normal, earning his own money and a living for himself. He was doing reasonably fine on his own. Until he meets Harry. Or the one where Niall...
Daughter of Ours (Narry- Mpreg- One Direction) by nikilynn01
Daughter of Ours (Narry- Mpreg- Nicole
Niall found out he was pregnant one day with Harry's baby, while his band mates were out. That night he left his boyfriend of two years, so the band could continue livin...
Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written) by issaomfg
Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written)by ¿
"I hate you" "Kinda hard to believe when you fuck me like that" ------- Harry and Niall have been on each others throats since day one. If the best w...
Lemonade and Club69✔ by WritingZmyPassion
Lemonade and Club69✔by Jay
They say when life gives you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade. So when things got pretty tough for Niall Horan, a student in London who thought it would be better off...
Daddy Long Legs | narry au | by twinkiepayne
Daddy Long Legs | narry au |by dani direction
" What did you just call me?" " Daddy Long Legs." " Why?" " Because you have long legs and you're daddy." ~*~*~ Or it's the one w...
VEGAS ~ NARRY ✔ by LittleLoveOnNarry
VEGAS ~ NARRY ✔by Margot 🥀
One wild night in Las Vegas, comes back after four years to bite Harry and Niall in the ass.
1D Random Sickfics by BeautifulRain2020
1D Random Sickficsby BeautifulRain2020
Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall getting hurt, sick and caring for each other. Set around the release of 'Made in the AM'.
Smoke and Mirrors || Zianourry Niall-centric by spookt
Smoke and Mirrors || Zianourry mez
"Ten seconds," Liam spat at the smaller person, sternly. Niall looked up at the older man and blinked twice before he replied as non-shaky as possible. "...
Opposite of Average (Narry) by tpwk1998
Opposite of Average (Narry)by Only For The Golden
** Currently editing (May 2020) ** "Who doesn't dream about it? Meeting your favourite band? Well, I do! But, there's a slight problem. I am socially anxious, so...
Slave Bet | n.s [COMPLETED] #wattys2017  by keepingupwidnarry
Slave Bet | n.s [COMPLETED] Ri 🌹
Frenemies Niall and Harry find themselves in a weird bet and neither of them is willing to back out ! A Narry Story ! Other ship : Ziam ! ®All rights reserved -- Sept...
Princess ♕ narry by Poisonnialler
Princess ♕ narryby ✧.• k.w •.✧
"Harry! I can't be a princess!" "You're not a princess, you're my princess." ♕ Harry just wants to give innocent little Niall the world. ♕ {highes...
In All This✔ by WritingZmyPassion
In All This✔by Jay
Married unwillingly. Cover by ; @Emryswatson
✓Instagram →Narry✓ by tpwk1234
✓Instagram →Narry✓by Narry
One model. One singer. One love story. And a lot of drama. (boyxboy)
Down Memory Lane (narry)✔ by WritingZmyPassion
Down Memory Lane (narry)✔by Jay
Memories are important for every human being. People keep memories in pictures, others keep them in diaries and then there are those that stay in the heart with you fore...
Mute Love (Narry Mpreg) by SarahHoran587
Mute Love (Narry Mpreg)by Sarah
Niall the hurt mute boy that blocks everyone out to try and protect himself from the monster behind locked doors. Harry the hot popular kind boy that tries to help and...
The Weekend (Narry) by hotteas
The Weekend (Narry)by inactive
✔️ "Look, Harry. You're not in America anymore. You're in Ireland. So have a drink and shut up."
The Style Twins ( Narry/Narcel boyxboy teacherxstudent ) by NarryMeNouis
The Style Twins ( Narry/Narcel Chaz
Niall Horan, the new teacher in Cheshire from Mullingar, Ireland. He's moved to start a new life away from his family. Just wait until he meets the schools Bad-Boy Harry...
Impotent |n.s| by xxNikita1dxoxo
Impotent |n.s|by ~ Nikita ~
Harry was impotent, but Niall changed all that. .. Cover by "zgnorant"
Tricksters secrets (One direction, Narry, Sad)  by HaylaRose190
Tricksters secrets (One HaylaRose190
Tricks and pranks is all Niall Horan knows. Hell thats all anyone knows him for. He's the ruthless trickster that everyone knows to stay away from. That is until one tr...