chapter 22 - that heart is so cold

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"Niall.." I complain as I stand up from the bed, pain shooting up my spine, Niall just sits there with an apologetic look on his face.

"Can you even walk?" Niall wonders and I don't know! My bum hurts.


Like.. why.

But oh well.. I lost my virginity to Niall Horan.. how about you?! Hmmm Bitch

"Yeah! But I limp," Niall laughs and stand up and wraps his arms round me, resting my head against his shoulder as he rubs my lower back digging his fingers in the right places.

"I'm sorry baby," he says sadly and aww he shouldn't be sad. It was awesome, "I tried to be gentle," he sounds so sad. This is heart breaking.

"No! No.. I'm alright.. it won't hurt forever, and I had a good time.." I say kinda embarrassed but he smiles non the less.

"Are you sure?" He whispers and kisses down my neck softly.

"Yes.. now let's have fun in Disney world!!!" He laughs as I give a little tiny jump because I can't jump really high.

"You're too cute," he strokes over my hair and it's like 7:30 am.. we have so much time and it's running out.

"Come on Niall! Let's take a shower!!" I drag him to the bathroom to shower.

"I'm guessing the only reason you want to shower with me is so I can massage your back.." Niall says as we slept naked so we just climb into the shower.

"Yes and there's no point in showering alone.. when we can share!" He smiles kindly as I start the water up.

The hot stream instantly soothes my ache and it feels damn good.

His hands slowly dig in to my lower back and gently squeezes soothing it even more. I'm am so happy to have him. Like seriously, he's so nice to me.

I mean he's massaging my back because.. we had sex and then he's taking me round Disney world!


"How's your bum feeling now babe?" And that's another thing, he's really considerate and I love that.

"Ok.. but it'll probably hurt when I walk," I sigh as he keeps rubbing my back.

"I'll wash your hair," Niall grabs the shampoo and gently rubs it in to my scalp. This is gonna be a great holiday.


"Niall! Where to first?" I'm so excited oh my god, I'm in Disney World and the best bit, I can hold Niall's hand whilst we are here! And kiss him!

"Wherever you wanna go.. I know my way round.. so I'll guide us in the right direction," his fingers tangle with mine as I walk next to him and smile looking around at everything here. I've never known a place to be so cool.

"NIALL!!! CAN WE GET A PICTURE WITH CAPTAIN HOOK?!" I shout and Niall puts a finger on my lips.

"Be quieter. Ok? Good and yes we can babe," he smiles shaking his head as we approach captain hook. Wow.

"Can we get a picture?" I ask him and he nods.

"Of course you can.. if you capture Peter Pan for me! Ahh.. I see you've brought the boyfriend to Disney world! How are you two today?" Captain hook says and I smile widely at Niall, who's watching me with such love in his eyes.

"Niall.. get in the picture too!" I say and pull him to take a selfie with him

"We're doing good.. he's never been here so I brought him for a visit," I hear Niall whisper to captain hook. The dude clearly knows who Niall is and me obviously as Niall's instagram is literally selfies of us whilst I'm asleep.

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