Chapter 49 - I don't wanna know that babe

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Thoughts. They need to stop. Please stop. I wanna just have a nice time out in Disney World with Niall again. We had such a wonderful time last time. And I really really really hope we have a great one again!

"Ni..." Stupid thoughts. Making me upset and I just want Niall.

"Yeah baby?" His morning voice ugh. It's so beautiful. And he's so cuddly and I love him so much, "thoughts again is it?" He wonders and strokes my back.

"Y-yeah.. they won't go away... I want to sleep.." I sob into his chest and he nods understandably.

"You know what usually gets you to sleep?" He asks me and I look up at him confused.

He leans over and turns the light on, the one on the bedside cabinet.

"You like tea, or a hot chocolate to help you sleep.." he announces knowingly, oh how I do love this boy, "which I will fetch for you," he leans over and climbs off the bed, then turns back around to me where I'm sat up, he gives me his jumper and I slip it on. It's so warm and soft and ugh. And he disappears to make me a drink. Bless him.

His jumper is so snuggly and warm and soon somebody is at the door of our room. Archie.

"You alright Harry? I heard a noise downstairs.." she looks tired.

"Niall's making me a drink because of my.. thoughts," I explain to her and she nods understandingly.

"Oh ok, well try get some sleep precious otherwise you're not gonna get up for Disney World!" She says with a smile.. "Niall told me weeks ago he'd booked you both another trip, the boys been so excited about it I don't know how he's kept it from you until now. Wow," she laughs and yawns saying goodnight then heading off to bed again. Finally Niall comes in with a hot chocolate with whip cream on the top.

"Here you are my baby boy," I grin widely at his comment because he's so cute. Making me a drink because I can't sleep.

It's only 12:30 but we have been asleep for two hours. I suppose that's alright. Then plus the other four we're definitely gonna sleep for and then on the plane too. Niall sleeps then wakes up at the sudden jolts.

I take the hot drink from him and he gets back in bed next to me, pulling me closer, carefully not to spill the drink.

I take a sip and it's perfect.

"Awh thanks Niall.."

"Anything for you, I love you," he kisses my head and sighs comfortably.

"I love you too.." I whisper knowing he'll hear it in which he obviously does and just kisses my head again as I take another sip. Letting the warmth of the substance soothe me. Along with Niall's jumper and his steady heart beat I can feel. I'm so gonna fall asleep. And now I am even more because he has decided to play with my hair. God damn it.

"You ok baby?" He asks and I nod. My eyes fluttering closed every now and then and I have to jolt myself back awake.

"You're sleepy now aren't you," Niall just knows me too well. He knows everything. Knows when I'm ill, knows when I'm tired, hyper, he just knows. He knows all those little triggers that my body has to make it receptive to him.

"I'll take that as a yes as your head is nodding slowly, and I'll take that from you," he takes the drink from me and places it down somewhere. I don't actually know. He attempts to take his jumper from me but I make some sort of whiney noise telling him not to and he doesn't.

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