chapter 29 - for a couple weeks I only want to see him

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Harry deserved to know why I was so afraid of flying.

I can't believe his mum is here!

"Mum! How did you get time off?!" Harry smiles at her and I sit back and watch casually as they 'bond' once again from what's happened over the past weeks and months.

"I got time off.. to visit for Christmas and before I belt you down with awful news why don't you introduce me to this lovely fella,  Anne," his mother shakes my hand and Harry smiles at me.

"This is Niall."

"The one you obsess over!" Harry blushes a cute shade of pink, "The one that you had tons of pictures of, that footballer?" She keeps going and Harry just gets redder.

"Yes!! mum.. oh my god. Yes that Niall. Niall Horan, now please stop talking," Anne nods and smiles as Harry walks back over to me plonking himself down on my knee.

"Oh so you're very close?" Harry hasn't stopped blushing yet and it's so cute, I wrap my arms around him tightly and rest my head on his shoulder just to embarrass him further.

"Yep," I answer for Harry, "my little boyfriend," Anne coos and Harry turns around in my lap hiding himself from us both.

"So you're Irish?" His mother walks to the kettle and refills it boiling it some more.

"Yep. Born and raised in Mullingar," I explain and she nods.

"I've been to Ireland, lovely country," she says and Harry finally looks back up and around, but stays on my lap, snuggled into my neck.

"It is a nice place, but I moved down here and met this lovely boy," I gently stroke Harry's cheek and he blushes again. 

"Oh my god stop it!" Harry whines and Anne and me both laugh, "You guys are never meeting each other ever again," he mumbles and Anne shakes her head rolling her eyes at her son.

"I'm gonna leave you two alone.. I'll catch up on some sleep.. cya later Harry, and you Niall, lovely to meet you," I smile back to her and she leaves up the stairs and as soon as she's gone Harry is scowling at me.

"How dare you embarrass me like that in front of my mother!" He slaps my cheek playfully and I kiss his head.

"You know I would never, I love you," he smiles again and stares up at me.

"I love you too," I laugh and pick him up, taking him through to the living room and sitting on the couch with him on my knee again, his face buried into my neck and there's a blanket behind us which I grab and drape over him as he must be shattered, I am sorry for keeping him up all night, but I was scared and just panicked and Harry seemed to calm me down.

Gemma slowly comes down the stairs and smiles tiredly as she wanders into the kitchen, but stops and turns back to us.

"Is he ok?" She asks and I nod.

"I kept him up, it's my fault he's tired but he's fine," she nods and continues towards the kitchen. 

"Nialler..." Harry whispers and I whisper a 'yeah' back, "I'm tired," he whispers again and I smile.

"I'll take you back to bed. Come on love," I scoop him up and he snuggles in my arms as I walk up the stairs with him almost unconscious.

I lay him gently on his bed when I get there and I tuck him in making sure he's all snuggly and then I pull on a tshirt that I found on the floor.

Anne saw me half naked! But that doesn't matter because that's all she saw when Harry was younger apparently.

"Oh, you're putting him to bed," suddenly a voice startles me, I turn around jumping out my skin seeing Anne standing there looking still tired, she probably couldn't sleep.

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