Chapter 46 - don't fuck with my love

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"Alright Haz, baby, wake up, we're home again," he fell asleep in the car with his head in my lap and Archie driving, he looks so tired though, the doctor said he would be.

"Y-yeah?" His voice is deep and wow.

"Shall I carry you inside? I'll run you a nice hot bath as well, that sound nice?" I ask him as Archie parks up as close as she can to the house.

"Yeah, please," he sighs happily as I help him sit up and help him out the car, carrying him carefully to the house. Archie opening the front door for me.

"Hey Harry, how you feeling?" She asks him and he nods and smiles at her before cuddling into me ever more.

"Can't I sleep for a while, with you?" Harry yawns and I can't deny his little face, desperately trying to stay awake. He's so cute oh wow, he's actually the cutest thing I've ever seen if I'm honest.

I carry him gently up the stairs and watch how he snuggles his face as close as he can get it to my chest just to be closer.

I reach my-no our room and lay him on the bed. I stand up to go tell Archie to wake us up but Harry makes grabby hands at me and whimpers as he must think I'm walking away

"D-don't go!" He cries, "please stay with me... I-I don't wanna sleep w-without you again," tears roll out his eyes and my heart breaks into more tiny pieces as he looks so broken and I hate this.

"Baby, I'm not going anywhere, shh, shh, my baby, don't cry, I'll be right back ok.. two minutes," I promise him as I gently stroke his cheek and wipe away his tears, he nods a little as he calms down when I smile and kiss his forehead, a small smile forming on his lips as he inhales the familiar smell of, what must be to him, me.

"Archie?!" I shout for her and she appears at the bottom of the stairs, "wake me and Haz up at 5 yeah?" She nods and smiles before leaving me to get back to Harry.

He's already asleep by the time I get to him again and curled up against the pillow. My little boy looks so skinny and ill, I can't wait to get him back healthy again, make sure he's well again.

I strip of my clothes and climb into bed, I could probably use this nap if I'm honest.

"Nialler?" Harry questions and I pull him closer.

"It's me baby, I'm right here," he sighs happily and rolls on yo my chest, pressing his face against me and taking in my scent.

He needs a bath. Because I'm not saying he smells bad, but the boy doesn't smell that great.

"Hold me tighter... please," he whispers and I do just that. Making sure he feels secure, "I just wanna be as close as I can to you," he says and I hold him tightly.

He's trying to stay awake but he's so tired he needs this sleep, just having him here with me is perfect. I don't wanna talk to him unless he's got the energy to.

"Baby.." he looks up at me with hooded eyes, they keep drooping and it's cute he's trying to stay awake.


"Go to sleep baby boy," he looks at me unsure at first and then nods.

"You'll be here? When I wake up?" He asks me and I hug him tightly and reassuringly.

"Sweet dreams baby, I'll be right here ok?" He breathes out deeply and snuggles into me.

I can't sleep knowing he's lying there just hoping for me to never let him go.

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